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Tottenham and their right to be called a “big club”

A long-standing debate that would probably go on and on is whether North London side Tottenham can be considered a big club. Despite being one of the two finalists in last season’s Champions League which ended in favour of Liverpool, the manner in which Spurs lost the game suggested they are far from the earlier narrative.

The main question Tottenham must answer is simple – how do you justify a “big club” status with no trophies? And that is the question Betway have been asking following some extensive research.

Yes being a ‘big club’ is not all about that. It may be part of the debate but there are other factors that come into it. The amount of fans, global presence, the stadium, history, traditions of the football club. All of those things can come into play as well.

But for a club with no League title for 58 years and no FA Cup for 28 years, it makes any of such big club statements a bit exaggerated.

The above context is further put to scrutiny when you consider that an Aston Villa has five more league titles (7) than Spurs (2) and both Villa and Nottingham Forest have European Cups to their names which is the equivalent to the modern-day Champions League. Spurs for all of their “brilliant” football have none to show for.

Going further and talking about global presence, Roma from Italy have more social media presence than Spurs and it seems like a disappointment considering the North London side are considered to be the 6th biggest club in the country.

Finally, Tottenham’s woes are compounded by the crop of players they have. How many times do you see a player with over 100 goals to his name and yet no trophy to go with. You don’t need to look far before you spot Harry Kane. If Shearer’s goals at a Blackburn side could inspire them to win the league, it’s not out of place to wonder why Harry Kane’s shouldn’t have done the same.

They might currently have London’s biggest stadium with a 62,062 capacity but all that could change when West Ham go ahead with their proposed plan of a 2,500 increase to their current 60,000 capacity.

The last time Tottenham won a trophy dates back to 2008 and it was the Carling Cup – which many would argue if it’s worthy to be called a major trophy. All other sides in the “big six” have won at least a major trophy from that time till date – leaving Tottenham in the shadow once again.

It really makes you wonder if they are a big club or are simply praised for “mediocrity”.