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La Liga – 2019/20 Squad Age Profile

The La Liga 2019/20 season came to an end on July 19th, 2020. Real Madrid won their 34th league title after beating rivals Barcelona to it by 5 points. The story of how the Los Blancos won it is for another time. This article focuses on all the 20 teams and how well each team spread the minutes for players across different age groups.

The champions, Real Madrid, have the third-youngest squad in terms of mean age at 26.38 years, only rating below Celta de Vigo (17th in the table), whose average age of 26.32 years is only slightly higher and Real Sociedad, whose average age of 25.45 years is impressive. Eibar’s mean age of ~30 years is the highest in the division.

Real Madrid have also offered the most minutes for U23 players (9029 minutes). Interestingly Barcelona are 6th from the bottom for this category offering just 2197 minutes. Not only that, but Barcelona have also offered the third-most minutes (16943 minutes) for players aged 30 years or more.

Eibar, Levante, and Leganes are the only three teams who did not offer a single minute for players aged under 23 years. This is not surprising when you realise these three teams are in the top 4 for the oldest squads in terms of mean age.

If Real Sociedad’s position in the table looks impressive, their squad age profile looks better. They have offered the most minutes for players entering their peak ( 23-25 years) & the third-most minutes for players in their peak (26-29 years). Not just that, they have also offered the least minutes for players aged 30 years or above. Relegated clubs, Mallorca and Leganes, are at the wrong end of the table for squad mean age too.