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Video: Coaching up-back-through combinations like Marcelo Bielsa - training analysis tactics

Video: Coaching Up-Back-Through combinations like Marcelo Bielsa – training analysis

In this football training video, we will go through a coaching session on how to use the “Up-Back-Through” (U-B-T) combination to break the opposition back-line including a tactical analysis of the up-back-through pattern. Our training video will show how this concept is part of Leeds United’ tactics under Marcelo Bielsa, applied in a wide range of situations in the Premier League. But not only Bielsa uses this concept. Other top teams like Bundesliga sides such as Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig also make use of this pattern as shown in our analysis.

The coaching session includes rondos (3v3+3, 6v3) and game training (9v9) that will help you to coach up-back-through combinations implicitly.