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Attacking Partnership at Sturm Graz 2023/24 - scout report tactics analysis

Mastering Versatility: Analysing the attacking partnership of Wlodarczyk and Boving at Sturm Graz – tactical analysis

In the dynamic realm of modern football, where every tactical innovation and player synergy can make the difference between triumph and defeat, clubs strive to unearth hidden gems that can reshape their fortunes. Sturm Graz, the Austrian football stalwarts, have time and again exemplified this pursuit of excellence through their astute player recruitment. The spotlight of the current season shines brightly on the new forward duo, Szymon Włodarczyk and William Bøving, who have set the stage ablaze with their impressive performances right from the outset.

This tactical analysis is not just a scout report about the players. This analysis also highlights the philosophy that guides the club’s approach to talent identification and acquisition. In recent years, under the astute guidance of Sporting Director Andreas Schicker, Sturm Graz has positioned themselves as connoisseurs of discovering attacking gems. The likes of Emanuel Emegha (Strasbourg, Ligue 1), Rasmus Højlund (Atalanta, Serie A), and Kelvin Yeboah (Genoa, Serie A) have not only elevated the team’s performance but also showcased the club’s prowess in securing talent with immense potential and then selling for profit.


Under the astute leadership of head coach Christian Ilzer, Sturm Graz have carved out distinctive tactics that set them apart in the Austrian football landscape. Employing a range of formations, the team’s preferred setup often revolves around the dynamic 4-3-1-2 formation, which has been used in 53% of their matches. This formation provides a solid foundation for their attacking intent, allowing fluid movement in the final third while maintaining a compact structure.

Attacking Partnership at Sturm Graz 2023/24 - scout report tactics analysis

However, tactical flexibility is a cornerstone of Ilzer’s approach, with 4-2-3-1 (18%) and 4-1-3-2 (16%) also being utilised to adapt to different opponents and game scenarios. This versatility speaks to the coach’s ability to tailor his tactics to exploit the weaknesses of their rivals, creating a multifaceted team capable of adjusting on the fly.

At the heart of Sturm Graz’s strategy lies a commitment to harnessing the energy and potential of youth. Boasting an average age of just 23.7 years, they proudly claim the title of the second-youngest team in the league. This youthful vigour infuses their style with vitality and ambition as they look to disrupt established norms and challenge their more experienced counterparts.

A hallmark of Ilzer’s tactical philosophy is the embrace of a fast tempo. With the ball at their feet, Sturm Graz looks to play at a quick pace, catching opponents off guard and creating opportunities in transition. This emphasis on tempo complements their balanced mentality, where they seek to assert control with a 51.2% possession rate. This possession-based approach enables them to dictate the rhythm of the game and craft chances from patient buildup play.

In the transition phase, Sturm Graz operates with a normal tempo, exemplified by their PPDA (Passes Per Defensive Action) rate of 10.61. This signifies a measured approach to regaining possession and transitioning from defence to attack, allowing them to maintain their structure while pressing forward.

Moderate pressing intensity characterises Sturm Graz’s defensive efforts, as indicated by a Challenge Intensity rating of 5.5. This pragmatic pressing approach balances applying pressure to regain possession and maintaining a solid defensive shape to counter opposing attacks.

Attacking Partnership at Sturm Graz 2023/24 - scout report tactics analysis

A preference for directness is central to their playing style, which permeates various aspects of their game. The team exhibits a direct passing rate of 14.5, the best in the league, indicating their tendency to move the ball swiftly upfield. This is reinforced by their third-most passes to the final third in the league, averaging 48.96 per 90 minutes. This inclination towards direct play aligns seamlessly with their wide width of play, as Sturm Graz seeks to stretch the field horizontally and create space for their dynamic attackers.

Attacking Partnership at Sturm Graz 2023/24 - scout report tactics analysis

Notably, the team’s rapid tempo mirrors their overarching approach to the game. Their desire for quick transitions and swift attacks reflects a philosophy of decisive action, epitomising their commitment to an exhilarating and proactive brand of football. Through these tactical nuances, Sturm Graz under Christian Ilzer demonstrates their prowess in crafting a dynamic, direct, and youth-infused playing style that aims to captivate fans and elevate their status in the Austrian football hierarchy.

Szymon Wlodarczyk

Indeed, delving into the tactical prowess of Szymon Włodarczyk and William Bøving is akin to unearthing a treasure trove of possibilities. This analysis aims to break down their attributes, on-field chemistry, and roles within the team’s broader tactical framework. It will dive into their playing styles, strengths, and areas that warrant further development. As the football world watches these two burgeoning talents take centre stage, it’s an opportune moment to celebrate their achievements and delve deep into the intricacies that make them tick.

Szymon Włodarczyk, born on January 5, 2003, in Wałbrzych, Poland, has swiftly risen to prominence as a dynamic force in the footballing world. Standing tall at 192 cm, his towering physical presence is matched only by his remarkable skill on the field. As a valued member of the Poland U21 national team, Włodarczyk’s football journey led him from Górnik Zabrze to Sturm Graz in a noteworthy transfer move with a price tag of €2.2 million. His market value, as estimated by Transfermarkt, stands at an impressive €2.5 million.

Attacking Partnership at Sturm Graz 2023/24 - scout report tactics analysis

What truly sets Włodarczyk apart is his knack for finding the back of the net. His early performances at Sturm Graz have been exceptional, where he scored four goals in his first five league matches. Notably, he continued his impressive form by netting three goals and providing one assist in the initial cup match in Austria. As a poacher and target man, he thrives in the penalty area, capitalising on even the slightest scoring opportunity.

Attacking Partnership at Sturm Graz 2023/24 - scout report tactics analysis

Włodarczyk’s prowess extends beyond just his scoring abilities. His finely tuned body mass ratio allows him to excel in physical duels, often gaining the upper hand against opponents. This determination and strength make him a powerful force up front, complemented by his strategic positioning and movement off the ball. His technical finesse and clever decision-making enable him to create goal-scoring chances for himself and his teammates.

The young forward’s shooting skills are a testament to his potential. With power and precision, Włodarczyk is known for unleashing mid-range and long-range shots that keep goalkeepers on high alert. His composure in front of the goal and his adeptness on both feet make him a reliable and lethal finisher.

Not limited to his goal-scoring prowess, Włodarczyk’s physical strength allows him to play with his back to the goal and hold up the ball effectively. His presence in the air is an asset that brings his teammates into play, enabling intricate passing sequences and creating scoring opportunities. Furthermore, his ability to draw defenders by moving deeper into midfield showcases his tactical intelligence, as he creates spaces that his teammates can exploit.

Attacking Partnership at Sturm Graz 2023/24 - scout report tactics analysis

In addition to his dominant right foot, Włodarczyk exhibits decent ambidexterity, comfortably utilising his weaker left foot when needed. His aerial threat in the opposition box constantly challenges defenders during set pieces and crosses.

William Bøving

William Bøving, hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark and born on March 1, 2003, has swiftly become a focal point in the football landscape. Standing at 176 cm, he exudes a dynamic and versatile playing style that belies his age. A proud Denmark U21 national team member, Bøving’s journey took an intriguing twist when he shifted from FC Copenhagen to Sturm Graz for a transfer fee of €2.2 million, a move indicative of his growing prowess.

With a market value of €3 million, according to Transfermarkt, Bøving is more than a promising talent; he is a burgeoning star. His exceptional contributions on the field substantiate this claim. In his first five league matches, he managed to assist in 2 goals, showcasing his ability to create pivotal moments. Notably, in the UEFA Champions League playoffs, he continued to impress by adding one goal and one assist to his tally, indicating his prowess on the grand stage.

Attacking Partnership at Sturm Graz 2023/24 - scout report tactics analysis

A creative force, Bøving boasts a multifaceted role on the pitch. Capable of thriving as a striker, on the wings, or as a central attacking midfielder, his adaptability enriches Sturm Graz’s attacking strategy. He seamlessly transitions between roles, demonstrating an innate understanding of different positions and their respective demands.

Operating as a Shadow Striker and Wide Playmaker, Bøving defies traditional labels. As a Shadow Striker, he adeptly weaves intricate passes into the final third, often accompanied by shots from outside the box, showcasing his knack for finding the net. Despite this, he’s not confined solely to the penalty area, embracing a multifaceted approach that supports the team’s offensive flow.

The versatility continues with his Wide Playmaker role, where he shines by frequently receiving possession in the halfspace. This allows him to wield his creativity, contributing to chance creation both from wide areas and central zones. Unlike traditional attackers who frequently cross or dribble through the centre, Bøving’s magic lies in his ability to engineer opportunities from central regions, adding an element of unpredictability to his play.

Attacking Partnership at Sturm Graz 2023/24 - scout report tactics analysis

Bøving’s qualities extend far beyond his tactical role. His technique is nothing short of exemplary, manifesting in his deft touches, precision passes, and impressive ball control. His commitment is evident in his attacking prowess and defensive contributions, revealing his well-roundedness and commitment to both phases of the game.

Bøving’s passing stands out as a hallmark of his style as he navigates the pitch with a keen eye for creativity. His ability to spot and execute incisive passes often leads to goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates. Furthermore, his dedication and work rate set an inspirational tone for the squad, making him a role model for aspiring players.


The club’s ability to consistently identify and nurture emerging talents demonstrates their holistic approach to football development. From initial scouting to player integration, there’s a seamless process in place that has seen Sturm Graz’s attacking lineup evolve into a potent force to be reckoned with. The case of Włodarczyk and Bøving is but a testament to this intricate tapestry of talent scouting, player development, and tactical integration.

Szymon Włodarczyk’s profile reads like that of a complete and multifaceted forward. His physical prowess, goal-scoring instincts, technical ability, and intelligent movement have already made him a standout player. As he continues to develop and refine his skills, there’s no doubt that he will remain a vital asset to Sturm Graz and an exciting prospect for the football world to watch.

In a football landscape where young talents are the lifeblood of the game, William Bøving stands as a beacon of promise and potential. His seamless integration into Sturm Graz’s tactics, combined with his technical mastery, creativity, and holistic approach, earmarks him as a player with a bright future and an impactful present.