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Han-Noah Massengo Bristol City Burnley scout report

TFA Scouted: Han-Noah Massengo is another Burnley signing this window – scout report

Han-Noah Massengo is another Burnley signing this window – xGOLD initially identified Massengo as an interesting midfield profile similar to Moises Caciedo in January 2023 and then our scouting team watched him at various points over the remainder of the season, grading him as a player ready to move into Tier 1.

Who is Han-Noah Massengo?

Han-Noah Massengo, at 21 years of age, is a very complete midfielder who can adapt to various roles on the pitch. However, he is at his best when he is free to move and can influence all phases of the game.

He is a player with a high technical-creative level. This allows him to dynamise his team’s attacks frequently. He can connect with teammates in different areas (even through key passes), dribble opponents to progress or carry the ball to generate attraction to destabilise the opposing block. In addition, his decisions are usually correct in most of his actions.

In defence, he is a very intelligent player to adjust lines and keep his team balanced. This allows him to be of great importance when his team presses high, as he does not allow large spaces to be created between the lines.

Due to the level he is currently showing and his main attributes, Han-Noah Massengo could play in a Tier 1 league next season.”

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