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Bundesliga 2021/22: Patrick Schick’s under the radar season

Patrick Schick surprised everyone when he finished as the joint highest scorer in Euro 2021 along with Cristiano Ronaldo. Since then, the Czech superstar has not looked back. The 25-year-old currently sits second on the Bundesliga scorers’ chart with 20 goals to his name. Patrick Schick has been on the rise over the last year or so and has been one of the best center-forwards in Europe.

The following visualisation shows where the Czech ranks when compared with the Center-Forwards from Europe’s top five leagues.

Patrick Schick, currently in his second season at Bayer Leverkusen, is having one of his best-ever individual seasons and it is fair to say that this is just the beginning. The left-footed center-forward has the same number of goals this season as Mohamed Salah and Kylian Mbappé, which is why he ranks in the 100th percentile for Goals per 90 minutes. Schick is ever present close to the box as indicated by his percentile rank for touches in the box and he also doesn’t often drift wide, which is one of the most important qualities for a pure center-forward. This is indicated by his rank for crosses per 90 minutes. He takes aim at the goal quite often and hence ranks in the 95th percentile for shots per 90 minutes and also hits the target frequently. He is not as good of a creator as some of the other center-forwards are and that is why he ranks a lowly 15th percentile for Expected Assists (xA) per 90 minutes.

Patrick Schick’s career is on the up and his numbers this season show that he is a lot more capable than one would have expected him to be a couple of years ago. If he continues this form and finishes this season on a high, it wouldn’t be a surprise if any of the big clubs try to sign him in the summer window.