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How To Get A Kick Out Of Football In Between Seasons

According to a recent article from Forbes Magazine, soccer is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. A Gallup poll from 2018 showed that 7% of Americans cite soccer as their preferred sport to watch, while a slightly higher number, 9%, say they favor the quintessentially American sport, baseball.

Besides the above, Major League Soccer (MLS) which is the ultimate US domestic league has undergone a radical rise in popularity since 2012. Nielsen Sports Sponsorlink points to a major, 27 percent rise in interest.

These numbers are having a positive impact within the field of soccer in the United States and resulted in the MLS Board of Governors voting to expand the league to 30 teams in the upcoming years (currently, there are 28 teams within the league).

Renowned former Arsenal and France midfielder Robert Pires states that he is pleased to see soccer growing so quickly in America and believes that his European colleagues such as Thierry Henry, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Wayne Rooney have had a lot to do with MLS’ growth.

Pires means that there is a gap in the US sports market for soccer, even though the enormous popularity of more cemented sports such as basketball, baseball, and American football makes it more challenging for the ’beautiful game’ to dominate on the American soil.

According to Pires, “football is for everybody.” Notwithstanding the positive news, soccer remains a relatively seasonal sport, first and foremost for those who enjoy watching games on TV, online, or live.

The soccer World Cup where the best teams in the world gather to show off their skills is held once every four years, and the same goes for the UEFA European Football Championship (a soccer tournament for national teams which is played in Europe).

Soccer enthusiasts sometimes need to find alternative ways to keep the soccer flame alive. That’s why we’re providing tips on how to get a kick out of football in-between seasons in this article.

Real money e-sports and e-sports 

The launch of the internet as a part of the average person’s day-to-day reality has shifted the trends and the way we consume entertainment in many fields, including sports.

These days you don’t have to watch soccer on TV or live to keep the joy of football alive in-between seasons as online options are plentiful. eSports is described as a world of competitive, organized video gaming (Fortnite, Fifa, and Madden NFL might ring a bell) and these games are watched and followed by millions across the world through live events on TV or online.

Soccer enthusiasts are therefore recommended to explore and engage in the world of real money eSports and eSports within the field of soccer to get the thrill formerly provided by let’s say a huge championship from betting on games that payout real cash.

Soccer related films and/or books


Huge soccer players aren’t just considered top athletes on the soccer field these days. Often, soccer superstars branch out in different areas of pop culture to expand their respective markets and increase their popularity over time.

There is therefore vast access to films and books which refer to the world of soccer. Brazilian soccer legend Pelé’s autobiography is well worth a mention here. As a three-time winner of the World Cup and Brazil’s all-time record goalscorer, his story is nothing short of intriguing.

However, the biography dwells into how Pelé, who besides being an outstanding athlete, gained status as a global and cultural icon. Another recommended read is Swedish soccer superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s biography “I am Zlatan” which relays the story of his rise to fame and success from a modest upbringing to the top soccer fields and teams of the world.

To conclude, for those who prefer documentaries to biographies, Asif Kapadia’s documentary ’Maradona (initially released on HBO) is a fantastic watch. It takes the viewer through a selection of over 500 hours of never-before-seen footage and celebrates Argentinian soccer player Diego Armando Maradona’s career in S.S.C. Napoli in the 80s.

Quiz night

A last piece of advice to keep your enthusiasm for soccer going is to organize a soccer-themed quiz night amongst friends where you mutually take part in a quiz on soccer trivia such as historical games, important championships, goal scorers, and career trajectories of soccer legends. The winner preferably wins a couple of tickets to the next live soccer match held in your hometown.