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January 2020: Magazine Notes

Dear reader.

I’m going to risk it and wish you a Happy New Year 2020. If you are reading this much after the 12th January, then it’s probably wasted but I trust you have had a good start to the new decade.

It’s a funny time of year in European football – most places other than England take a few weeks off and recharge their batteries, whereas in English football we traditionally like to pack as many fixtures into the shortest space of time possible.

From our perspective, that’s meant a little more time to reflect back on the season so far and pull out 24 analysis, coaching and recruitment articles for you to get stuck into this month.

We think we’ve highlighted some interesting players in our scout reports – players that we believe will go on to have excellent careers – as well as looking at a player who is defying age in James Coppinger.

From the head coach point of view, we’ve taken a closer look at Carlo Ancelotti and what direction he might take Everton in tactically.

Finally, if I was going to highlight one of the superb pieces on offer this month I would say you have to dive straight into the piece on xG and how it’s killing the long shot.

As ever, thank you for your support – I hope the new way of receiving the magazine is going down well with everyone and the whole process is making it easier to consume as much analysis content as is possible.


Chris Darwen // Editor-in-Chief, Total Football Analysis Magazine