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Champions League bans could still be applied to European Super League clubs

Things could be about to get worse for Real Madrid in regards to the UEFA Champions League.

The Spaniards were second-best throughout their contest against Chelsea in the recent semi-final that took place, as the 13-time record-holding champions looked nothing like their best and simply failed to get going against the English Premier League outfit.

Whilst the race for La Liga still remains hot for them, they could be about to be banned from entering the competition that they have famously done so well in throughout their history. There is nothing worse about being banned from something so good, which is why those who use an online casino in the US make sure they find the best ones they can.

According to a report by ESPN, it is claimed that the governing body of the competition, UEFA, are looking to impose strict sanctions on those football clubs who continue to try and push through the failed European Super League, despite the fact that so many – including all of England’s Premier League ‘Big Six’ – have withdrawn from it.

It is understood that Real Madrid and Barcelona, as well as Italy’s AC Milan and Juventus are still fans of the breakaway league and their involvement could see them be banned from the UEFA Champions League for two years if they were to continue with their agendas. Many Australian bettors who have an agenda of finding the best online casinos will want to visit www.bestaustraliancasinosites.com as soon as possible!

In addition to the strict punishments that may be handed down to the four still keen, the 12 that tried to distance themselves in an attempt to try and limit the damage they caused from getting bigger could still face their own punishments.

It is claimed that talks have happened in the past two weeks that could see a lesser sanction be applied to those clubs, although many of them will be hoping that they can avoid such an outcome.

The clubs that remain involved breach UEFA’s Article 51, which states: “No combinations or alliances between… clubs affiliated, directly or indirectly, to different UEFA Member Associations may be formed without the permission of UEFA.”

It has also been claimed that if nine of the 12 clubs that were initially involved actually withdraw, then the project would be terminated due to an agreement between the clubs prior to the announcement of the damned European Super League.

Inter Milan are said to be considering their position, especially given as they were recently crowned Italy’s Serie A champions.