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Top Football Themed Online Games to Play

If you love football, you will be delighted to see that there are numerous ways to enjoy this sport by playing online games. Some are just for entertainment purposes, but others allow you to place bets on outcomes. There are numerous approaches taken by these games, so why not take a look to see which one is going to be best for you?

Gridiron Glory

You may well have played roulette or blackjack at a live dealer casino in New Jersey, but did you know that you can also play football related slots. One of the best of such games is called Gridiron Glory.

This slot game offers 243 ways to win rather than just fixed paylines. There are features such as free spins, wilds, and expanding wilds. It is a traditional slots set up, with five reels placed in front of a packed stadium full of cheering fans.

The top-paying symbols are the players, cheerleaders, and other participants in the big event. The football is the scatter that triggers free spins, and a player is the wild. You can play just for fun online, or you can bet real money at any casino that offers the game.

Madden NFL

This is probably the best known and most played football game. The Madden NFL series of games has been around since EA Sports brought out the first title in 1998 when it was known as John Madden Football. It has proved to be a massive success, with more than $4 billion in sales by 2013 and over 130 million copies being sold to date.

Madden NFL 21 came out in August 2020, and 17 million games were played in the first week, with sales said to be a massive 20% better than the previous year. What you might not know is that you can go online and play older versions of the game for free.

Whether you want a nostalgic look at your favorite game from the past or have a desire to try something different, there are plenty of older Madden titles to explore on online simulators. The gameplay and graphics are more straightforward than in modern versions, but you can still see why it became so popular in the first place.

Fanatical Football

There is a growing number of mobile apps that give football fans the chance to play online games wherever they are located.  They are often very simple to play yet will hook you in with their fast gameplay and easy to follow rules.

Fantatical Football by Mouse Games is a fairly basic game that lets players get into the thick of the action very quickly. There is no need to be an expert in football strategies to get started and to get some touchdowns.

The player controls a single team member and tilts the mobile device from side to side to avoid incoming tackles and slides their finger to the side to pass the ball. It is available for Android and iOS devices. The game is very intuitive and easy to pick up right away.

Super Bowl Defender 2012

As the name suggests, this football game has been around for a few years. But in terms of NFL games that give you a feel for the big occasion, it is hard to beat. You are a defensive player who has to catch the opponent before he claims a touchdown.

It is free to play, and it is easy to get started. The first level is simple, but things get more complicated once you progress through the different levels, although the general feel of the game is pretty much the same all the way through.

The gameplay is easy to pick up, and while it isn’t the most complex game ever, it is good fun for football fans with a few minutes to spare.

4th and Goal 2020

Another of the many free football games, this one pitches you into a crucial game as the clock ticks down. Pick the teams, the game time, and the skill level; then, you are asked to set your plays and carry them out.

The presentation is a simple, overhead view, but fans will enjoy the level of control that they get over how the game is played out.

Summary – Lots of NFL Options

These are just a few of the best online football-themed games around just now. Take a look, and you are sure to find a way of getting some glory by playing a game that suits you.