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Euro 2020 England tactical analysis tactics preview

England aspiring for ‘champagne football’ but trying to do it with beer money

England have managed to qualify for the knockout round of the UEFA 2o20 European Championships.

Of course, that is a sentence that many would have been expecting to read once Group D had been concluded, with matches against Scotland, Croatia and the Czech Republic having all essentially been played as home games in front of crowds at Wembley Stadium.

However, anyone that watched what had unfolded in the three games that were played by the Three Lions would tell you that it was not the most enjoyable 270 minutes of football that they will have ever watched, with many having found it more enjoyable to head to https://www.platincasino.com/ie/livecasino.html instead.

Nonetheless, Gareth Southgate and his trusted men are through to the next round and continue to meet expectations of those supporting their nation and continuing to beat the drum that bangs to the “It’s Coming Home” rhythm that has been ringing out ever since the song was released in 1996 by comedians, Frank Skinner and David Baddiel, as well as The Lightning Seeds.

But, in typical English fashion, things are never that easy as the heavily favoured country will now need to be at their very best and play against either France, Portugal or Germany (or Hungary because football is a cliche at the best of times and anything can happen in 90 minutes) for a place in the quarter-finals. Indeed, perhaps it would have been best to have finished second in the group, lads?

After the conclusion of the game against the Czech Republic, those that were fortunate enough not to have been put to sleep will have seen Southgate be asked about whether the team were aspiring to provide viewers with ‘champagne football’, to which he said he was.

“We would like to see that as well,” he told BBC 5 Live.

Now, with what England have available to them, there is no reason as to why the Three Lions should be producing that kind of football. They have an amazing amount of talent available to them despite the 26-man limit, whilst they also have players who know what it means to win big competitions regularly.

The problem? They appear to be looking to play with ‘beer money’ and look a little lost at the drinks menu when matchday arrives.

The team far from flow, are far from smooth and appear to play like a cheap pint at times with what they bring to the pitch.

With either France, Germany or Portugal (yeah, Hungary aren’t going to make it) up next, England’s boys will need to ensure they pick the right champagne when they play at Wembley next, otherwise the “It’s Coming Home” drum will have to be picked up when the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar comes around.