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A note from the founder

Dear members,

Thank you once again for reading our latest Total Football Analysis Magazine.

It has been one of the best months we have had since we set out on this journey just over two years ago.

Firstly, we have taken the decision to move the magazine to twice monthly for you.

The reason is fairly simple – for our first-ever magazine back in November 18 we had about 20 analysts collaborating with us. Today we have well over 100. Each month we are now getting around 50 great suggestions from our team to run in the next magazine and, frankly, that’s no longer a magazine – that’s a book.

So, to stop our magazine designer Jamie from collapsing under the sheer weight of it all we decided to split the magazine in two meaning that instead of getting one bumper edition a month that is well over 200 pages long, you will now receive two a month that will closer to the 150-page mark.

The cost to you? Not a single penny more than you pay today.

The added value to you? Well, we hope you like getting more for your money.

April/May has also seen us formally announce the launch of our consultancy services as a company as well. Over the last 18 months, we’ve been working with a few clubs and agents to add value to their opposition analysis and scouting/recruitment. We’ve learned a lot about the process in that time, and we have been able to evolve our offering to the point where we are confident that we can assist at the top level – and the initial conversations we have been having with clubs is certainly endorsing that feeling.

If any of our members working at a professional club would be interested in exploring what we can offer them, do feel free to get in touch.

As ever, I think you will like this month’s magazine – if you are wondering where some of your favourite analysts have disappeared to don’t panic: they will be in the second magazine of the month which will be out in about a fortnight.


Chris // Founder, Total Football Analysis Solutions