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Will Paris Saint-Germain ever win the Champions League?

The most famous franchise team from France has a worldwide fan base and is particularly popular in the UK and Germany. Considering their lackluster placement in the UEFA Champions League every year, the question should be asked, will Paris Saint-Germain ever win the Champions League?

Making it to the finals in 2020, PSG unfortunately fell to one of the most powerful European teams, Bayern Munich.

Where to from here?

Ideally, PSG learns from this loss going into the french tournament and the next Champions League. Often a team that makes it as far as they have will allow for further management spending. Although the loss was extremely upsetting for PSG, they should not assume that they cannot reach the finals again.

The fan base will expand and so will their popularity. The amazing talent that they have still have a lot of room to grow. They should be considered popular favorites to win the Ligue 1. Hopefully, they can capitalize on playing the bigger teams in the Champions League, including Bayern Munich.

One of PSGs star players, Kylian Mbappé had a great season, and had it not been for the difficult game he had in the final they might have lifted the trophy. Losing big games should be taken as lessons and not tragedies. These lessons should only make underdog players and teams stronger in the long run. If you are too excited and cannot wait for the next season why not try some casinos not blocked.

Ideally, the management holds on to Neymar as long as possible. He is the star that could help lead them to victory. Neymar is experienced enough to take such a big loss in stride and can help lead PSG to a Champions League victory. He has played for Brazil and been in a World Cup final. He has played for many football teams in many leagues and has the experience to take the team a lot further than he already has.

With the likes of Pochettino returning to the club as manager, the easiest to form bond can catapult the team into a new level of match-winning performance. Here we have the culture of a formidable team becoming even stronger. With the first game under Pochettino being only a draw, one should look further as he settles into his new boots. This could be the most powerful team in PSG history.

It is only the beginning for PSG and Pochettino. The young coach debuted with a draw in the Ligue 1 which by most standards is really good. PSG is definitely a top contender at this and next year’s Champions League.

Beyond that Pochettino and Leonardo are yet to have their next meeting to talk about how the transfer of management will go. We assume slowly but smoothly. We know he will have full power to build and even add players from other teams. A few players from his old team, Everton have apparently shown interest too. They could become an integral part of PSG. The next season will surely be an exciting one. In the meantime, we will keep busy by gambling at some casinos.