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Critiquing Carlo Ancelotti’s Best XI list

Carlo Ancelotti is arguably the best coach in the game. He has successfully been in management at a list of top European teams, including Bayern Munich, Chelsea, and Real Madrid.

Almost everything he touches turns to gold. He has won leagues in four European countries and won two Champions leagues with different teams. This of course means he has coached some of the best players in the game. He recently revealed his top players he has coached and we are here to agree or disagree with his choices.

Thiago Silva

The great Silva has to be in agreement with us. This player could join any league team he wanted as he is just that valuable. The old PSG player from Brazil who currently plays for Chelsea is known as one of the best defenders in the world. Possibly with a bit of help from Ancelotti, Silva has won many tournaments and plays for a team that has the most expensive players. He was also in the Champions League final last year, captaining his team along the way.

Zinedine Zidane

An obvious favorite who is one of the best players to ever grace the pitch was once coached by Ancelotti himself. Nobody can argue that Zidane is one of the best players in history. The attacking midfielder scored one of the greatest goals in history at the 2002 Champions League Final. He also won the 1998 Fifa World Cup in which he had two goals for France. The football player transitioned into a coach after retirement and as a coach became the first to win three Champions Leagues. Not to mention one after the other. He has been a favorite for football betters too, luckily for them, Multiple betting companies have come together to help problem gambling visiting https://www.nongamstopcasinos.com/2019/07/22/multiple-betting-companies-commit-to-help-problem-gamblers/ will help you to understand more about this.

Frank Lampard

Our favorite Chelsea player and one of the most loved English football players is ex-Captain Frank Lampard. The midfielder had an impressive foot. He is known as one of the best free kickers in history. A Chelsea loyalist who became the team’s top goalscorer. Lampard has won three Premier Leagues, a Champions League, and four FA Cups. Towards retirement Lampard played for Man City and New York City. He has since returned to Chelsea as a football manager. He also played 106 matches for the national side and has attended 3 FIFA World Cups.

Andriy Shevchenko

The Ukrainian former player is most popular for playing at AC Milan and Chelsea. He helped lead AC Milan to the Champions League finals in 2003. He has also won many cups for England, Italy, and Ukraine. In 2006 he was the most expensive transfer to Chelsea. He scored many goals for Chelsea but was often sidelined and this resulted in his loan back to AC Milan where he shined in various leagues again. He was unfortunately left out of Ancelotti’s 2009-10 season. It comes as a surprise that he was on his list. Even though Chelsea had the best squad at the time, he could have mentioned other Premier League players. Regardless, we can agree that he is one of the best that Ancelotti has coached.