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Which Players Have Had Mental Health Issues – How Did They Deal With Them?

Mental health is usually an off-limits topic that many choose not to talk about. The prevalence of mental health issues has become clearer as people speak out about their struggles with anxiety, depression, and addiction.

Football players are especially more prone to mental health issues because they are often in the limelight, have very little personal time, and have to maintain a certain image for the public. Here are some well-known football players that have had mental health issues in the past and how they dealt with their problems.

Terry Bradshaw

Terry has retired from football after winning 4 Super Bowl Championships and 2 Super Bowl MVPs. He is now the NFL sports announcer but has battled depression for a very long time. Starting in 1999, Terry Bradshaw had regular anxiety attacks and anger that he used to manage with alcohol.

By using prescribed medication, exercise, and psychological therapy, Terry Bradshaw has been able to open up about his struggles. He believes that depression isn’t something to be taken lightly and he is actively making people aware of the condition.

Clark Carlisle

Professional footballer for the UK and Former Chairman of the Professional Footballers’ Association, Clark Carlisle attempted suicide in 2017 by standing in front of a fast-moving lorry. Luckily, Carlisle made it out without any damage, but he attempted it again in 2017.

Clark Carlisle has since been able to recognise things that trigger his depression by making himself aware that he is a victim of mental illness. By educating others and forming a charity organization, this famous footballer has been able to lead a much healthier life and is working on his mental state daily.

Scott Davies

This Stains Twins football defender has struggled with a gambling addiction for some time. He attributes his troubles to when he started earning big money as a professional footballer, and it only spiralled out of control from then on.

Davies has been able to deal with his addiction by forming an organization called the EPIC Risk Management where he offers advice for dealing with these problems. His experience has allowed him to bring a unique perspective to others in need.

Brandon Marshall

After spending three months in an outpatient program for depression, Brandon Marshall has now learned the skills to manage his emotions. The NFL star has also been diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder. Brandon Marshall says one of the biggest challenges he faces daily are impulse control and maintaining healthy relationships with the people in his life.

To deal with his conditions Brandon Marshall says that meditation, communication, and validation taught him the proper ways to handle his mental issues and make the public more aware of how common these conditions are.

For most footballers, dealing with stress is as simple as hanging out with loved ones, sinking a few beers, and playing games on rubyfortune.com. But for a few, mental health issues cause untold damage.

Every person in the world will experience depression and anxiety at some point in their life. Mental health is no longer an issue people can ignore and those in need should feel safe and secure to seek the professional help they need.