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Which footballers often fly to Las Vegas?

Before the footballer’s first trip to Las Vegas, it looked like it would be a real murder of time, money, and mood. Vegas is a place where escort ladies are running around among untidy gambling addicts, and you want to open a beer as quickly as possible, put 25 bucks in vending machines and forget about everything.

Go to Vegas on weekdays

Americans don’t travel a lot, but Las Vegas is quoted. They go here on a weekend with family members and huge groups, for this reason, from Friday to Sunday, prices in hotels are higher – it is impossible to find anything more affordable than $ 200 per night. On weekdays, pilgrimage may decrease, and hotels offer a great deal – you can just grab the almost elite Mandalay Bay for $ 100 and the usual Excalibur for $ 50. For example, at the casino not registered with gamstop, you can try out the game.

Not in the summer

It is necessary to go to Las Vegas in the spring or autumn. At this time, it is sunny and warm here, and the temperature can approach 30 degrees. In winter, the city is very cool – about 15 degrees, but it is also very pleasant. And there is nothing worse than Vegas in the summer – in particular in July. The shade will be 40 degrees, and the windless desert can enhance the hot sensations. You have to navigate only through the labyrinths of an air-conditioned gambling establishment – otherwise, you will not survive. For this reason, it is recommended without experiment: going here in summer is the same as going to St. Petersburg in winter.

How many days do you need?

A lot – definitely not. Of course, everything does not go around during the week, but a few days at the casino walks and various shows, among which dancing fountains and pirate wars on the ship will be enough. If more, then you can get bored, you can really go broke. To be in Las Vegas for more than two days, you need a slightly different program.

There are replicas of any sights of the world – the Eiffel Tower, Venetian canals, King Arthur’s castle, Egyptian Sphinxes, and much more.

How to leave a casino with a plus?

Las Vegas is the only place in the whole world where football players played in a gambling establishment. Nowhere else it attracts, but here there is a special atmosphere and it is not possible to pass by. Everything is pretty easy – you can put a bill into the machine and you can play. If there are a lot of bills, you can try poker.

How this can work is not clear: just at some moment you can break a successful combination, the chair is already shaking, and the win is increasing on the display. You do not know the correct amount and you can simply enjoy the increasing numbers – while experiencing these emotions, you even realize why there are so many gambling addicts in the world.

Only the frustration of defeat is more devastating than the joy of winning. For this reason, you should not try to recoup and drain all the cash that you took from vacation.

Fly over the Grand Canyon

This point almost connects with the idea of ​​not spending large sums, but one of the main attractions of Las Vegas is a trip to neighboring Arizona to the Grand Canyon. There are 4 types of excursions: just go by bus and look at this beauty ($ 100), go by bus and fly into the canyon by helicopter ($ 300), fly to the canyon in a small plane and break-in by helicopter ($ 450), or overcome the whole the way by helicopter (about $ 700).

Yes, the cost per flight seems daunting, but it’s an experience for a lifetime. The helicopter flies into the canyon so well that it seems to you that you are the hero of those very American paintings about the Vietnam War, that today you will be dropped off with sniper rifles and can be given a task. The feeling of flying in a canyon cannot be compared to anything else! Not to mention the canyon itself – this is a natural wonder, a must-see. Tours mainly involve transportation to and from the hotel and take you to the western area of ​​the canyon – to the Indian reservation. It’s also atmospheric.

Forgotten Las Vegas

Everyone associates Vegas with the Strip, but it started in a different place altogether – on Fremont Street (this area is called downtown). It is twice cheaper and more trashy – a vast pedestrian street can be clogged with tourists, animators, and various freaks, and you can get a huge rural get-together.

In terms of mood, it is generally no worse than on the Strip, and in some places, it is even brighter and more fun. On Fremont, you can easily live Saturday to Sunday nights for under $ 100, and on weekdays it’s probably almost free. There are also endless gaming clubs, and beer in bars is as expensive as in stores. Of course, you should not limit yourself to Fremont, but you can definitely spend one night here.