As usual, EA Sports reveals the next version of FIFA with some developments in Career Mode. In this report, you will see five things that are expected to be changed in FIFA 20 Career Mode. Let’s check it out!

FIFA 20 is due to launch on September 27 with some changes in overall, especially in Career Mode and this is a question of great interest. Many people consider Career Mode as a perfect combination of Manager Mode and Be A Pro. Much like its name, gamers will be able to choose their position in a club while setting this game mode. They can be a striker, coach, etc.

FIFA Career Mode helps bring this game closer to real life than ever before. Players will go through every process which the real football players need to cope with. However, Career Mode upgrade has gotten progressively worse every time FIFA developers come up with new versions since the development of Ultimate Team. Hence, it fails to satisfy players and often receives worse comments.

EA Sports don’t close their ears to criticism and they are now working their finger to the bone to improve and make significant changes in FIFA 20 Career Mode. This setting promises to bring the most interactive and realistic soccer experience to FIFA players. Here are the five things which are waited to be improved:

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Improve fixture scheduling 

The match schedules in the other versions are usually not arranged suitably. A break between two matches is quite short, and players need to play two games at a time. In other words, the matches occur about 4 times within a week. This creates a reduction in stamina, which makes it unfair when it comes to playing with other players who have full strength. Voices have been raised against this schedule and gamers also want the creator soon comes up with appropriate solutions.

However, this is not an insoluble problem. EA Sports should arrange a reasonable time break between two matches in the calendar to handle the number of competitions in a row to make sure that players have proper time to rest and the quality of the match is guaranteed as well.

More active club’s development

EA Sports should think of raising the stadium and training facility to a higher level. This will make the game more interesting with added functionality. The longer time you play this game, the more prominent the reputation you get. More reputation means more fans. It will be quite nonsense when your team becomes more and more famous while the number of fans remains the same! Hence, with the number of fans growing in popularity, it should be able to expand the stadium or the number of seats available, sell more ticket to fulfill training budgets, etc. 

Besides, hiring other staff members who have specific training methods can help you improve the ability of your strikers faster. All of these options will make a considerable change in the club development and the FIFA game will become more alive.

New AI transfers system

In soccer, transfer means bought and sold players among soccer teams. This action often occurs as the support of a team to another while they need a better football player for their team. In reality, there are lots of steps required before this process happens but in this game, it is much easier. 

Many people complain that when they start the Career Mode in the FIFA old versions, the transfers occur unreasonable when EA open the transfer window (Asensio transferred to Arsenal,…). It will create a significant impact on the quality of the team and make it unbalanced, so this is the reason why this part receives a massive amount of criticism after each version was released.

EA should pay notice to the role of every striker or other players to have a well-thought-out plan to make sure that the transfer is realistic and acceptable. It will be more exciting and enjoyable if it is not contrary to reality and of course, with suitable reasons.

Better Storylines

The storyline is known as the series of events needed to make the match more dramatic and realistic as well. For instance, the players in your team went wrong in the goal area or they committed the fouls, there is nothing better than being able to choose proper solutions for handling these situations all by yourself.

EA can consider offering suitable solutions such as handing a fine, warning, etc. This will make players feel that they have full control of the game. Besides, players should be able to choose the solutions according to the seriousness of the wrong-doing at ease.

Overhaul player development

Career Mode appears with this outstanding feature: develop players into superstars with the suitable training process. You can immediately put your hand to the plow when you start training young players right at the first time. It’s also able to apply this process with the youth player development. Checking the player’s stats regularly is an essential task to measure their progress and set up proper training for them.

However, there is a limitation is that you can only progress five players at once, while all of your players need to be developed.

To tackle this problem, the training facilities should be improved to support other players who are not chosen in the teams. Plus, it will be better if the creator allows more players to be progressed at the same time. There are lots more solutions that EA can come up with to help players deals with this issue in the new version.

These are five common things that most FIFA players want EA Sports to improve. Hence, they should pay proper attention to these issues and ensure better conditions for FIFA 20 Career Mode development. This next version is believed to have significant changes and gamers all around the world are now waiting for this version to be released in the next few months.

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