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Premier League 2019/20: Wolverhampton vs Chelsea - Tactical Analysis tactics

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The current season can be safely called transitional for Chelsea. In the summer, the team was left by the head coach, Maurizio Sarri, as well as the main star, Eden Hazard, who is now a player of Real Madrid.

Together with the ban on the acquisition of new players, it became obvious that it won’t be easy for the Blues to stay in the top four of the English championship. The first rounds confirmed the fears of the fans. Despite the generally good live football results, Lampard’s squad regularly lost points. Moreover, they already experienced devastating defeats and the loss of a home advantage over an outsider.

This shows that Chelsea’s lineup is at least interesting and good, but it needs time to establish understanding. Today, the coach has several cool young performers at once, whom he began to trust from the start of the new season. Mount and Abraham were able to show themselves most vividly in the first rounds.

So far, they lack stability, and in spite of the not bad matches, it is clear that these guys are not ready to fight on equal terms against the recognized grandees.

Will Chelsea be able to finish in top-4 at the end of the current season?

This season, Chelsea simultaneously plays in the Champions League and the Premier League, which will become an additional burden for the young team. It is not yet clear how strongly the matches in the international arena will affect the results of the Blues in the domestic championship.

However, the fans have reasons for optimism:

  1. The increase in the level of performance of young football players. The athletes that the club recently let out on rent are already joining its lineup again. And they play really good.
  2. The team has its own style of the game. Chelsea doesn’t always win, but almost always creates a sufficient number of episodes. If they improve their implementation, then the result will come.
  3. A gradual improvement of Lampard’s coaching skills.

The current season will be very difficult for the team, however, the management promised to give the coach a wide credit of trust and even in case of failure this time, he should not be dismissed from his position. This should help Lampard continue to do his work and gradually build a new team that could become competitive for many years both in England and in the European arena.