The fact is despite football being an immensely popular game across the world and footballers of all levels immensely popular having a stable relationship can prove to be a major challenge. While they may be successful on the pitch it does not necessarily mean that the same success will translate into their personal relationships.  One of the most effective ways for a footballer to find someone compatible is through an online dating site. Online dating has become immensely popular across the world, it is the most convenient way to hook up with a partner online. Whether the motive is to flirt or even to have a serious long term relationship, online dating would be the ideal way for a footballer to find a partner.

Let us look at some of the challenges that a professional footballer can face in having a committed relationship:

Lack of time: For any relationship to be a success both partners have to invest time and effort to make the relationship work. Time is of the essence and in the case of pro footballers, it can be at a premium. With most of their waking hours spend in training on and off the field, it leaves them with limited time to spare for their partners. This could hamper having a serious long term relationship. If they have to travel overseas or to other places to play again time becomes an issue in forming a stable and committed relationship.

Too much temptation: As pro footballers, there are plenty of girls and women drooling over them. This can lead to short term relationships with plenty of one night stands but is not emotionally fulfilling. Having too many glamorous women around them can lead to choosing women that are nothing more than eye candy, but the relationship lacks any real substance. There always is the chance of infidelity, when there are so many beautiful women waiting to get in between the sheets with a footballer.

Fame is a double-edged sword: For those pro footballers that have tasted success internationally or even in the domestic leagues, they become well known public figures. That invariably leads to women trying to tag on for their 15 minutes of fame as WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends) with most partners falling in the latter category. Having an intimate and committed relationship can end up being a bigger challenge for footballers than normal guys. As is said fame can be a double-edged sword, where they are liked for their professional success and celebrity status more than for the type of human being they are. This can lead to very shallow relationships that lack commitment by both partners. The flipside of being famous is it becomes very difficult to have normal relationships like other men and women do.

Always in the spotlight: Being famous sounds great but it has its pitfalls as well. Take the example of footballers like Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, etc. that have had more than their fair share of controversial relationships with women. Always being in the spotlight with reporters and paparazzi at one’s heels can be very stressful. This naturally takes a toll on relationships as well. Every they say and do is scrutinized under a microscope and this can be very taxing emotionally. The pressure of being a successful public figure can be overwhelming on most players and they are bound to crack under pressure in their personal relationships.

The basis of a successful relationship is compatibility. A pro footballer can find someone compatible using a premium online dating anonymously. They need not reveal their true identity until they are sure that the woman they are dating online will not be influenced by the celebrity status of her partner. Once they develop a string enough rapport and are confident that their partner likes them for what they are and not who they are, they can actually meet in person and share their true identity. That is why online dating through a premium dating site is a pro footballer’s best bet for having a fulfilling personal relationship.