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The TFA Premier League Analysis Podcast #3

This week, we introduce several new segments. The “Cool to Know” discuss the often-bashed term of analytics and how it fits in the modern football toolkit as well as xG surprises of teams and strikers this season. In addition, we discuss which keeper is tops of the top 8 teams.(1:50) The second segment is called the “Let me ask you a question”. I put the podsters to task on explaining what they think: Is Leceister the real deal? What’s Arsenal’s problem? Will ManU make UCL? CanTottenham make Europa? Does Sheff Utd and Wolves have what it takes? Who is out of contract?(23:00) Finally, we introduce the “PreCog”. Analysts are put on the spot to predict the rest of the season. The posters respectfully and disrespectfully disagree. (54:25) Chris Mumford, a Professor of Innovation, is joined by Coach David Seymour (@davidseymour_), Professional Player Daniele Proch(@ProchDaniele), and Soccer Analyst Harshal Patel(@harshalp93).