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Euro 2020 England tactical analysis tactics preview

How Total Football Analysis will be covering Euro 2020 and the Copa America

It’s Euros Eve, folks. I hope everyone is looking forward to the summer tournaments as much as we are.

We’ve had a lot of people ask how we are going to be covering Euro 2020 and the Copa America over the coming weeks, so here is what we are planning!

Of course, we had the preview magazine which went on sale two weeks ago – you can download that here.

Starting today, you will see previews of some of the matches we believe might be tactically interesting and as the matches get underway you’ll get some full post-match analysis pieces on games that caught our eye.

We will also be releasing pieces throughout the tournament looking at any trends or interesting narratives that we notice – be that tactically or based on what the numbers are telling us.

But, on top of all this, we are aiming to release a free analytics report that you can download on every single match played across the two tournaments – plus an accompanying video (for those of you that would prefer the report in video format). Sathish has been working very hard behind the scenes to put this all together – and we hope it all works in the way that we envisage!

July’s magazine will be out at the end of the month and will revert back to our more usual format – looking at topics outside of the tournaments, especially with all the head coach changes that are happening!