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Under-the-Radar U23 Transfers in Bundesliga – scout report tactics analysis

Bundesliga 2023/24: Five under-the-radar transfers of exciting emerging talents – scout report

As the curtain rises on the upcoming 2023/24 Bundesliga season, a new wave of youthful energy and exceptional talent has swept through the league. The summer transfer window has already witnessed the arrival of several top-tier U23 players from around the world, poised to leave an indelible mark on German football. In this comprehensive tactical analysis and scout report, we delve into the strategic insights behind the acquisitions of the top five U23 players who have made the leap to the Bundesliga.

With an emphasis on the evolving dynamics of modern football, these young talents bring a fusion of technical brilliance, adaptability to tactics, and boundless potential to their respective clubs. This report aims to decode the tactical nuances that make each player a unique asset, shedding light on their strengths, playing styles, and the impact they are likely to have on their new teams. Through this analysis, we aim to provide an insightful preview of how these U23 talents will shape the narrative of the forthcoming Bundesliga season and beyond.


To discover promising U23 players who have made under-the-radar transfers to the Bundesliga during the current summer transfer window for the 2023/24 season, we have employed a comprehensive methodology that focuses on data-driven insights and in-depth scouting. Our approach aims to unearth emerging talents who may not have gained widespread recognition yet, steering clear of well-known names like Felix Nmecha, Xavi Simons, Victor Boniface, or Benjamin Sesko.

By combining statistical analysis, scouting observations and growth potential assessment, our methodology ensures a holistic and data-driven exploration of U23 player transfers to the Bundesliga. Our focus on lesser-known talents underscores our commitment to uncovering the hidden gems that are set to make a significant impact on the league’s landscape in the upcoming season and beyond.

Hugo Larsson, 19 years old – Eintracht Frankfurt

Hugo Emanuel Larsson, born on June 27, 2004, in Svarte, Sweden, is a rising star who has captured the attention of football enthusiasts and scouts alike. Standing tall at 187 cm, Larsson is a right-footed central midfielder who moved to Eintracht Frankfurt. His primary player role as a deep-lying playmaker has illuminated his capacity to dictate the tempo of the game from the heart of the midfield.

The role of a deep-lying playmaker is not only about orchestrating the flow of play but also about playing a pivotal role in possession build-up. Larsson aptly exemplifies this profile, frequently contributing with precise passes from his own team’s final third to the opposition’s attacking third. This strategic involvement in ball distribution highlights his prowess in possession-oriented phases of the game.

Under-the-Radar U23 Transfers in Bundesliga – scout report tactics analysis

What sets Larsson apart is his box-to-box capabilities combined with exceptional playmaking skills. His innate understanding of the game allows him to seamlessly transition between various positions and roles within the midfield, making him an asset for tactical adjustments as required. His body mass ratio, physical strength, power, stamina, and natural fitness grant him an edge in contact situations, enabling him to maintain composure under pressure.

Larsson’s style of play is characterized by his affinity for short passes, seamlessly connecting teammates and facilitating ball circulation. His innate ability to create dynamism within the team’s build-up process is underpinned by his natural verticality, remarkable vision, and the precision of his passes across all distances.

A defining aspect of Larsson’s playing style is his dynamic energy and mobility, attributes that underpin his multifaceted contributions. He boasts a remarkable capacity to cover vast expanses of the field, press opponents with fervour, and initiate attacking sequences following a successful regain of possession. His high levels of stamina and energy empower him to embark on lung-bursting runs through the midfield, providing an additional layer of dynamism to his team’s play.

His constant demand for the ball and adeptness at finding space between the lines underscore his positional intelligence. His exceptional first touch and quick speed in one-two combinations with teammates contribute to the fluidity of his team’s attacking manoeuvres. Furthermore, his robust physique, adept shielding of the ball, and deft technique make him a formidable presence challenging to dispossess.

Larsson’s skill set extends beyond ball distribution and ball retention. He possesses above-average footwork and dribbling abilities in tight spaces, allowing him to navigate challenging situations with aplomb. His penchant for producing powerful runs during counterattacks adds an element of unpredictability to his team’s offensive transitions. In addition to his creative instincts and playmaking prowess, Larsson’s decision-making is noteworthy, particularly for a player his age. His adeptness at winning physical duels and harnessing his body strength is a testament to his mature approach to the game.

Under-the-Radar U23 Transfers in Bundesliga – scout report tactics analysis

Hugo Emanuel Larsson’s rise as a deep-lying playmaker in the Bundesliga holds immense promise. His combination of tactical awareness, technical finesse, physical prowess, and decision-making ability makes him a multi-dimensional player who can influence matches in various facets. As he embarks on this new chapter in his football journey, Larsson’s potential to become a commanding presence in the heart of midfield is fascinating to behold.

Junior Adamu, 22 years old – SC Freiburg

Born on June 6, 2001, in Kano, Nigeria, Junior Adamu is a football prodigy who has already begun etching his mark on the international stage. Standing at a height of 183 cm, this right-footed striker possesses the versatility to make an impact both centrally and on the wing, a testament to his adaptability and wide-ranging skills.

One notable aspect of Adamu’s journey is his representation of the Austrian national team, which underscores his prowess and the recognition he has garnered at a relatively young age. His affiliation with the Austrian national team attests to his capabilities on the field and the promise he holds for the future.

As a striker, Adamu embodies the characteristics of a true poacher, adept at capitalizing on opportunities within the penalty area. The essence of his role revolves around offensive actions in the most crucial zone of the field, within the confines of the penalty box. His knack for receiving the ball and executing quick shots within the penalty area showcases his clinical finishing ability, an invaluable asset for any forward.

Under-the-Radar U23 Transfers in Bundesliga – scout report tactics analysis

Adamu’s ability to convert crosses into potent goalscoring opportunities further amplifies his role as a poacher. Positioned perfectly to receive deliveries from teammates, he capitalizes on these chances, demonstrating his intuitive understanding of positioning and the art of goalscoring. This striking profile aligns well with the characteristics of a poacher, where his primary focus lies in executing well-timed shots and contributing to his team’s offensive output from close quarters.

Despite his prominence, Adamu’s journey at RB Salzburg often found him in the shadow of Benjamin Sesko, another emerging talent. However, this circumstance did not deter him from pursuing excellence. Instead, he embraced the challenge, honing his skills and building a foundation for growth. Now, as he steps onto the Bundesliga and UEFA Europa League stage with Freiburg, Adamu is poised to showcase his quality in the top tier of German football.

Under-the-Radar U23 Transfers in Bundesliga – scout report tactics analysis

Junior Adamu’s move to SC Freiburg symbolizes his aspiration to make a significant impact and carve out his own niche in the world of football. As he embarks on this new chapter of his career, Junior Adamu’s ability to seize goalscoring opportunities within the penalty area and his resilience to thrive amidst competition position him as a potent striking force to watch closely. With the poacher’s instinct coursing through his veins, Adamu’s journey promises to be one of excitement, anticipation, and the pursuit of excellence on the football pitch.

Nicolas Seiwald, 22 years old – RB Leipzig

Born on May 4, 2001, in Kuchl, Austria, Nicolas Seiwald is a football virtuoso who has already made waves on the international stage. Hailing from Austria’s picturesque landscapes, Seiwald’s football journey is a symphony of skill and strategy. Standing at a height of 179 cm, this right-footed central midfielder exudes a captivating blend of finesse and intelligence that sets him apart.

Seiwald’s journey is punctuated by his representation of the Austrian national team, a testament to his talent and recognition in the footballing world. His integration into the national setup at a young age reflects the depth of his footballing acumen and his promise for the future.

At the heart of the midfield, Seiwald embodies the role of a deep-lying playmaker, a conductor orchestrating the flow of the game from deep within. The hallmark of a deep-lying playmaker lies in their ability to initiate a play from both their own final third and the opposition’s, creating a seamless bridge between defence and attack. Seiwald’s virtuosity in possession build-up is a sight to behold as he elegantly threads passes that transcend distance and vision.

Under-the-Radar U23 Transfers in Bundesliga – scout report tactics analysis

What sets Seiwald apart is his remarkable combination of physical prowess and intelligent passing. His capacity to impose himself physically while simultaneously executing progressive passes marks him as one of the most coveted midfielders in the contemporary game. He exudes a sense of authority on the field, possessing the ability to break up opposing attacks with commanding finesse.

A central pillar of his team’s defensive structure, Seiwald seamlessly blends his positional intelligence with his knack for breaking up play. Positioned deep in the build-up, he is a linchpin in offensive and defensive phases. This versatility is especially crucial as he navigates between differing styles of play in the Champions League and the Austrian Bundesliga while representing Salzburg.

Under pressure, Seiwald remains a courageous figure, constantly alert to his surroundings. His positioning is a testament to his acute spatial awareness, as he seamlessly glides into the right areas to receive the ball or intervene with surgical precision. The way he manipulates his presence on the field is a reflection of his mature understanding of the nuances of the game.

Under-the-Radar U23 Transfers in Bundesliga – scout report tactics analysis

His skill in dictating tempo, breaking lines, and disrupting opposition play paints a portrait of a player who is equal parts artist and strategist. As he navigates his path forward, Nicolas Seiwald’s ability to craft the narrative of the game and influence outcomes from the heart of the pitch is poised to leave an indelible mark on football’s grand canvas.

Tomáš Čvančara, 22 years old – Borussia Mönchengladbach

Born on August 13, 2000, in Neratovice, Czech Republic, Tomáš Čvančara is a beacon of footballing potential that has already begun to illuminate the international stage. With a stature that stands at an impressive 190 cm, this right-footed striker commands attention through his physical presence and captivates with his undeniable talent. Čvančara’s story seamlessly intersects with the Czech national team, an honour that showcases his ability to capture the essence of the game.

Playing in the striking role, Čvančara perfectly encapsulates the essence of a poacher. His primary focus is on offensive actions within the penalty area, where he thrives. The penalty box becomes his canvas, and he masterfully navigates within its confines to execute goalscoring opportunities. The hallmark of a poacher lies in their instinct to receive the ball and launch quick, precise shots within the penalty area, and Čvančara exemplifies this quality with aplomb.

Under-the-Radar U23 Transfers in Bundesliga – scout report tactics analysis

The striker’s prowess extends to his capacity to capitalize on crosses from his teammates. Positioned strategically, he embodies anticipation, eagerly awaiting the perfect moment to make a decisive connection with the ball. This attribute significantly contributes to his role as a poacher, where his effectiveness lies in converting opportunities from close quarters.

Yet, what sets Čvančara apart is his multifaceted presence on the field. While he embodies the quintessential poacher’s role, he doesn’t confine his impact solely to goalscoring. His involvement in possession and ability to create chances for his teammates underscore his versatility. This dynamism introduces an added layer of unpredictability to his style of play, making him a threat not just as a scorer but as a contributor to the team’s overall attacking arsenal.

Čvančara’s towering height instils a sense of authority and positions him as a formidable presence in aerial duels. This attribute adds dimension to his offensive contributions, making him a valuable asset in set-piece situations and an intriguing prospect in various tactical scenarios.

Under-the-Radar U23 Transfers in Bundesliga – scout report tactics analysis

As he strides forward in his career, Čvančara’s journey is one of promise and potential. His ability to seamlessly blend his natural poacher’s instinct with a well-rounded approach to possession play makes him an exciting player. The towering striker’s involvement in the Czech national team and his new chapter in the footballing world promises a journey characterized by grit, excellence, and the quest for goals.

Brenden Aaronson, 22 years old – 1. FC Union Berlin

Born on October 22, 2000, in Medford, USA, Brenden Aaronson emerges as a football dynamo whose talents have already reverberated globally. Hailing from the vibrant football landscape of the United States, Aaronson’s journey encapsulates a versatile blend of skill and adaptability. Standing at 177 cm, this right-footed player embodies a multifaceted approach to the beautiful game, carving his path as a beacon of promise. He is probably the best-known player in our selection as he already gained experience playing for Leeds United in the English Premier League. Now, he is loaned out to UEFA Champions League attendee Union Berlin. Aaronson’s narrative intersects seamlessly with his representation of the US national team, a testament to his footballing prowess and early recognition in the international arena.

Positioned as an attacking midfielder, Aaronson epitomizes the box-to-box midfielder role. His presence is palpable in the high pressing actions he initiates in the opposition’s half, a testament to his tireless work ethic and relentless pursuit of possession. He orchestrates pressing sequences, seeking to disrupt the opposition’s build-up and initiate transitions from defence to attack.

Under-the-Radar U23 Transfers in Bundesliga – scout report tactics analysis

Yet, Aaronson’s versatility transcends the boundaries of a single role. His adaptability allows him to seamlessly transition to central midfield or even occupy the wide positions, underscoring his multifunctional approach to the game. This versatility is a hallmark of his footballing identity, making him a valuable asset with a diverse skill set that can be harnessed across various tactical scenarios.

The marriage of a box-to-box midfielder with attributes akin to a shadow striker shapes Aaronson’s unique profile. As a box-to-box midfielder, he contributes to defensive and offensive play through passing, creating chances while engaging in a moderate level of recoveries and pressing. His role as a shadow striker emphasizes his involvement in short passes that pierce the final third, crafting opportunities with an acute vision that reflects his tactical acumen.

Aaronson’s influence extends beyond conventional roles. The propensity for shots from outside the box underscores his offensive contributions, even as he deftly manoeuvres in areas beyond the penalty area. While pressing high up the pitch may be less frequent, his focus on offensive creativity amplifies his impact, whether through his incisive passing or his willingness to unleash shots that test opposition defences.

Under-the-Radar U23 Transfers in Bundesliga – scout report tactics analysis

Aaronson thrives in creating synergy between versatility and vision. His ability to seamlessly shift between roles while maintaining a solid offensive presence epitomizes his adaptability and footballing intellect. As he dons the colours of the US national team and embarks on his footballing journey, Brenden Aaronson’s potential shines as brightly as his versatility.


In the world of football, where big-name signings often take the spotlight, the hidden gems truly define the future. These five players – Hugo Emanuel Larsson, Junior Adamu, Tomas Cvancara, Nicolas Seiwald, and Brenden Aaronson – have emerged as quintessential examples of the under-the-radar U23 signings that can reshape the trajectory of a team’s success. While their names might not immediately resonate on the global stage, their talents, versatility, and unique attributes paint a promising picture that deserves our attention.

What unites these five players is their ability to operate under the radar while harbouring the potential to redefine the footballing landscape. Their unique and versatile attributes mirror the evolving dynamics of the modern game. While they might not be the household names we’re accustomed to, they represent a breed of U23 signings that can quietly reshape teams, inject new life into tactical frameworks, and challenge the status quo. As these players step onto the Bundesliga stage, they do so with the promise of not just performing but transforming.