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Serie A 2020/21: Percentage of goals scored by different age groups

Antonio Conte’s Inter Milan won the 2020/21 league title. It was Inter’s first since 2009/10 and they did it in style, finishing 12 points above second placed Milan. Atalanta finished third and Juventus fourth, just sneaking into UEFA Champions League qualification in the last week of games. 

The following visualisation shows how the goals of each team were split across different age groups. The players were divided into four age groups for this purpose. These age groups include; under-23, 23-26, 27-30 and over 30 players.

Fiorentina’s season may have been quite underwhelming, finishing 13th in the table. However, La Viola can take some pride in the fact that nearly 50% of their goals were scored by under-23 players, the highest in the division. Bologna’s under-23 players are a close second with 41% of their goals scored by under-23 players. Atalanta, Udinese and Lazio are the only three teams that did not have under-23 goal scorers at all.

It could be said that Champions Inter’s and runners-up Milan’s found the perfect balance given the fact that their goals were split almost equally across different age groups. For Inter, the majority of their goals came from 27-30 years age group but for Milan majority of their goals came from 23-26 years age group. It is important to note that relegated Benevento were the only team with no goals scored by players in the 23-26 years category.

Roma, Inter, Juventus and Napoli relied on experience for their goals as indicated by their low percentages of goals scored by under-23 players. Lazio also relied on experienced players for goals with 47% of the goals scored by players above 30 years old. Relegated Parma lacked goals from players in the 23-26 years category and 27-30 years category. Napoli, like Atalanta, relied on players in the 27-30 years category for goals.