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Magazine Notes

Dear readers,

For the second year running (and it’s very cool to be able to say ‘second year running’) we’ve put together an end-of-year special edition magazine for your delectation.

Last year, we chose to review 2018 from a tactical perspective – however, given the fact that we’ve delivered a whole year of tactical analysis to you over the course of 2019, we decided that this magazine should look ahead to 2020, the beginning of a new decade.

Our analysts have called out ten players and ten coaches that we feel you should be keeping a close eye on as we enter a new decade. Some will be more familiar than others, but that does not mean we should not provide a full profile on them.

Continuing our aim to be seen as the world’s leading tactical authority on the women’s game, we’ve included two players and one coach as we feel next year are going to be huge years for them.

This magazine was great fun to put together – please note, this is not a top 20. These are just 20 individuals that we feel might be interesting to you to know more about from a tactical/scouting point-of-view.

The TFA2020 is also how we are launching our new subscription model for totalfootballanalysis.com – as of this issue, you will receive your magazines directly through the website – no more scrabbling around for the email that was sent. We have new subscription levels as well – free (access to a limited amount of articles a month), BiteSize (access to our BiteSize magazine only each month) and All Access – where you get access to every single magazine we have published and every single piece of content we publish over the course of each month.

I’ve alluded to big plans for 2020 in previous notes to you and has not just been cheap talk – in 2020 we are planning to launch weekly tactical podcasts for each of the league that we cover regularly. We will be working a lot more closely with the Football Index community, providing them with information that can help them make better decisions when trading. We have some exciting partnerships lined up which will be announced officially in January. We will be looking to run monthly tactical analysis webinars which you can all be involved in. And, by the end of 2020 we should have had the inaugural TFA event/conference/get- together/seminar/live gig/whatever you want to call things like that.

As I said, plenty to look forward to.

Thank you, as ever, for your continued support from everyone here at TFA Towers – have an amazing end to 2019 and dream big in 2020.

Chris Darwen // Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Total Football Analysis Magazine