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La Liga 2020/21: Do teams prefer left or right-footed players?

These days players are expected to be equally strong in either foot. Players who possess this ability are used in different positions and have higher chances of featuring regularly in the line up. The following visualisation compares the percentage of left-footed and right-footed players in each team from the La Liga. The visualisation also gives an idea of what kind of players each club prefers.

As shown in the image above, most teams are dominated by right-footed players. 80% of the players at Cádiz are right-footed and, similarly, 82% of the players at Levante are right-footed. Granada are another team that prefers right-footed players with 89% of the players at Granada being right-footed.

The only team that has somewhat an equal number of left-footed and right-footed players in the league is Real Sociedad with 52% of La Real’s players being right-footed and 48% being left-footed. Close to 75% of the players at Atlético Madrid, Real Madrid, Valencia, Villarreal are right-footed. Just under 70% of the players at Alavés, Celta de Vigo and Barcelona are right-footed.

Djene Dakonam of Getafe, Karim Benzema of Real Madrid and Ousmane Dembélé of Barcelona are the only three players comfortable with either foot, per Wyscout.