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EPL clubs’ players and their nations

Without any doubt, the English Premier League is not just one of the very best leagues around the globe, but also the target for many players due to the money, prestige and level. We can often see that teams who regularly fight against the relegation from the highest English division are able to attract players who play in other top leagues in Europe for strong sides. Recent examples are the signings of Ismaïla Sarr (from Stade Rennes to Watford) or Sébastien Haller (from Eintracht Frankfurt to West Ham United).  Also, due to these factors, we see players in the Premier League from all around the world. In Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga or La Liga, a huge part of the players plays in their home country while in the EPL, we see internationals from many different nations.

In this short data analysis, we will look at the statistics of each EPL club how many different nations their players have. For that, I collected the necessary data from Transfermarkt and I illustrated my results in the graph below.

First of all, I took the number of how many players were this far (the data was collected on 5 July) at least 500 minutes on the pitch for the respective clubs. Then, I checked how many different nations the players of this particular group have. In the graph below, the club logo stands for the number of players with at least 500 minutes in this season while the bar tells us how many different nations these particular players have.

EPL clubs' players and their nations - data analysis statistics

First of all, we can see that Arsenal and Newcastle United are the two sides who gave the most players in this season at least 500 minutes on the pitch (both 22 men). While these 22 Gunners come from 12 different nations, Newcastle also has the highest value for this second statistics since these 22 players come from 15 different countries. This shows what an incredible mix of players they have in their squad.

The three clubs which have in both categories quite low values are Burnley, Sheffield United and Wolves since they have all three each time 15 players who have played at least 500 minutes in this EPL season. Wolves have eight different nations in this group (a huge part are Portuguese) while Burnley and Sheffield have even less with six different countries (both times mainly Englishman).


We saw in this short data analysis, that there are quite different team profiles when it comes to the nations of the players and also how many men get at least 500 minutes on the pitch at this stage of the season. Newcastle is according to the numbers the side with the greatest diversity while Sheffield and Burnley have a lot of Englishmen in their respective side.