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The TFA Premier League Analysis Podcast #6

We review the up-and-down week of matches (~1:10) where some teams hit the ground running while others didn’t get the memo that the league had restarted. We add what we can on Liverpool’s coronation. The matches of note are discussed (~8:55 ). We also meander through the FA Cup fixtures which snuck up on the soccer world (~21:40). We precog next weeks matches including Liverpool v Man City and Wolves v Arsenal (~29:45) Finally, we take a look at the strength of schedule and our thoughts on the run in (~38:27).

Chris Mumford(@clmum), a Professor of Innovation at UNC Chapel Hill, is joined by Coach David Seymour (@davidseymour_), Professional Player Dre Fortune (@drefo_8), and Soccer Analyst Harshal Patel(@harshalp93).