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Oscar Gloukh - RB Salzburg - Man United Liverpool Arsenal scout report

TFA Scouted: Oscar Gloukh, the 19 y/o Salzburg star catching the Premier League eyes of Man United, Arsenal and Liverpool – scout report

Oscar Gloukh, the 19 y/o Salzburg star is attracting the attention of Premier League giants Man United, Arsenal and Liverpool according to reports – our in-house xGOLD tool identified Gloukh as a data match to Jamal Musiala when we did a data search in May 2023 and video scouting led him to being graded as a potential big impact player in Tier 1.

Who is Oscar Gloukh?

Oscar Gloukh, at 19 years of age, is an AMF with a technical-tactical level capable of becoming one of the best players in the world over the next few years. He dominates a wide variety of resources to create dangerous chances very often, benefiting the most from the ‘Red Bull philosophy’ and the movement of attackers into space.

He is a creative organiser. He can receive in different areas of the pitch and contribute to the circulation, although he is particularly aggressive in progressing with vertical/diagonal passes and breaking through opposition lines.

Due to his age, level of play and current context, Oscar Gloukh could be playing in a Tier 1 league in 1-2 years.

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