Tottenham Hotspur has been creating a lot of buzz in recent times. Last year, the club stood fourth in the Premier League.  Fans came to the stadium in large numbers in order to cheer for the Spurs. A string of consistent results in recent times has rekindled a common Londoner’s faith in Tottenham Hotspur. Back in the early 2000s, the team played under the shadow of their London rivals Chelsea and Arsenal. 

Today, Tottenham is one of the most-followed clubs in the UK. It has some of the finest names in its ranks. Also, the team management is known for using its finances quite judiciously. You won’t see the club’s management shelling out US$100 million for acquiring a star player, but they are known to make a few impressive signings.

Here are the signings made by Tottenham Hotspur for the 2019-20 season

  • Isak Midttun Solberg (Goalkeeper)
  • Jack Clarke (Right Wing)
  • Tanguy Ndombele (Central Midfield)
  • Ryan Sessegnon (LW)

Looking at the club’s signings, it is quite clear that the club wants long-term prospects that can be nurtured and turned into stars. All of these signings have been made while keeping an eye on the not-so-distant future. If you wish to catch the Spurs in action, then get your match tickets booked using Tic Flip

The challenges they need to address:

A bigger budget

As stated earlier, the Spurs aren’t known for spending heavily on acquiring star players. Over all these years, they are known to follow a largely systematic approach while signing new players. During this year’s transfer window, the club did not rope in any big names in its squad. Mauricio Pochettino was quite unhappy as the transfer budget allocated by the club did not match his ambitions.

Injury woes

Tottenham lost matches at crucial junctures during the last season. Injuries to key players were a major reason behind their shocking defeats. Of late, the teams promising numbers have been punctuated by sinister defeats. They win a couple of close matches but end up losing a game against a seemingly depleted opposition. One can blame injuries for that. Many of the club’s first-choice players can be seen warming the benches owing to injuries. The likes of Eric Dier, Harry Winks and Dele Alli have been out of action for quite some time. All of these are big names. The Spurs don’t have people who can replace these players.  

Squad depth

When all of their players are up and running, they are a formidable force. But once any of the players gets injured, they don’t seem to have adequate replacements at their disposal. That is where the problem lies. They have the finest playing XI (on paper, at least), but once a player gets injured, it tends to impact the team’s overall performance. The injury void is too hard to fill in the absence of quality reinforcements. 

Players look unsettled

Some of the club’s ardent fans have noticed a slight rift between Christian Eriksen and Pochetinno. For a considerable amount of time now, Eriksen has been attempting to force a move. Consequently, the Spurs seem to be missing his on-field creativity. Kieran Trippier, the right wing-back from England moved to Atletico Madrid after the conclusion of the previous season. Many believe that he wasn’t being given ample opportunities to express himself. 

But despite all the problems that seem to be engulfing them, the Spurs have a history of punching well above their weight. In all fairness, they are unpredictable, and the unpredictability is exactly what makes them extremely lethal.