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FIFA World Cup 2022: France vs Poland - data viz, stats and insights

Shocking results at the 2022 FIFA World Cup so far

The FIFA World Cup, which was first held in 1930, has gained appeal among football fans, one of the reasons for this is because of its recurring capacity to produce unexpected match results. Some of these surprises are indelible in the annals of the game. 

With accurate sports data and football statistics, all these results and more have been recorded, making it easy to have knowledge on teams and clubs in the game. With Sportmonk’s reliable Football API, there exists some of those football statistics, where users can have updated sports data and use the information to develop their own platforms and Applications. The tournament has seen many shocking results, and here are some that we have seen so far in this year’s edition.

Saudi Arabia 2 – 1 Argentina

This result was one that shocked the whole footballing world, as the Arabian nation made history, winning one of the most impossible fixtures ever. According to various Sports data and statistics, Saudi Arabia’s chances of winning the game were not up to 10 percent. Even though Argentina had the lead and was in control of the game, two goals from Saudi Arabia in the space of five minutes soon after halftime stunned them, and they could not produce a comeback to overturn the result. 

Germany 1 – 2 Japan

After the upset Germany faced in the 2018 World Cup, where they crashed out of the tournament in the group stages, the 2022 World Cup was perfect for them to achieve top status once more. However, their opening match against Japan ended in a 2-1 loss, even after most of the game was dominated by the German national squad. No one would have seen the results of this fixture coming, especially when you have knowledge on accurate statistics, from a trusted Football API. 

Belgium 0 – 2 Morocco

The golden generation of the Belgian national squad, still possesses key players like Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku pulling the strings for the team. In a match which the Red Devils could not find headway, the Moroccans snatched the Initiative and stunned Belgium in a 2-0 win. If one were to focus on Sports data and football statistics, there were little chances that this fixture would turn out this way. 

Japan 2 – 1 Spain

In a tournament where Japan already shocked the world by defeating 2014 World Cup winners Germany, they did it again against 2010 winners Spain. This is a feat that will go down in the history books, judging on the available football statistics going into the tournament. Their impressive wins against two Powerhouses saw them top Group E, going into the round of 16.


It is evident that the World Cup is full of surprises due to the shocking results seen so far. Going further into the tournament, we can only wonder what will happen next.