In order to handle the issue of the mostly downplayed damage that gambling addiction is causing to the populace, some professionals have suggested that gambling industries should be made to foot the bills.

According to the BMJ, there is need for the laws that regulate gambling to see some sort of reform and more investments are needed to forestall the effects of gambling on the society, since there are many negative effects coming from this. In Britain, the authorities have failed to recognize the enormity of gambling that take place. The news posited that in 2018, only £1.5m was expended on programs meant to prevent addiction issues for a population of 65 million. This is against what is obtainable in New Zealand, where 9.3 million was used for the same course for 4.7 million people in the same year.

English, Scottish, Welsh and Australian scholars have reiterated the need for a review of the 2005 gambling act, so as to ensure that players in the industry are made to pay some amount of levy as part of the money to be used for this cause, and also to make the task a responsibility of the Department Of Health And Social Care and not the Department Of Digital, Culture, Media And Sport.

In such cases, online casinos like GALA SPINS Casino in UK, SKY VEGAS Casino in UK,  will be expected to contribute some amount of their annual profits to this cause, and which will make them to get more involved in the prevention and cure of gambling addiction. Also, all gaming brands included in the top 10 casino no deposit bonuses will contribute part of their income.

Research has shown that the number of active online gamblers in Britain is more than 33 million, and the prevalence has grown to 9 percent in 2016 from 1 percent in1999. According to the findings of the research in question also, the percentage of children between the ages of 11 and 16 that took part in gambling in at least one week within the catchment period is more than 14. And among them, more than 54% got into gambling addiction problems according to testimonies from them.

The breakdown of the problems and damages caused by gambling according to the revelations of the study, places it at a very far reaching and more encompassing scope. The negative effect cuts across breakdown in relationships, financial difficulties, and bad effects on the societies, communities, and families, plus child and partner abuse cases. Others are negative effects on the children that lead to future relationship problems and stunted educational developments.

One of the lecturers in the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine named Dr. Heather Wardle bared his own mind on this topic. He is the lead in the theme of the authors that did the study, and he said that there has been a very huge underestimation of the damages caused by gambling. For him, the stress and strain that this issue places on the health, relationships and resources of the nation and the individuals involved.

Another scholar named Professor Gerda Reith who lectures on the social sciences at the University of Glasgow and joined in authoring the paper also has something to chip in about the subject. For him, there is no way issues of gambling addiction should be considered properly without taking cognizance of the ambience that throws it up, what the industry should do about I, and the rules and policies that control the trade.

For him, it’s not only the person involved that suffers the effects; the family, friends, the society and communities around are involved too. He sees it as a subject that has serious bearing on social justice, as well as something that affects the health service of the nation in no small measures. The population affected by this is mostly people in the lower rung of the society, and the chasm can grow deeper. He believes that a new and lasting approach has become inevitable about the same subject.

One of the spokespersons of the government posited that though there are millions of people doing the right way, it is very essential to institute checks that will protect people from this. The checks that will protect children and vulnerable people from these harms must be implemented by these firms, with proper policing by the gambling commission. He also said that the NHS is making the medical support for gambling addicts wider, so that many areas will also be covered through their long term plan, with the responsibility of revising the plan bestowed on the Public Health England.