The Champions League is not only one of the most-watched football tournaments in the world, but it’s also one of the most wagered on in sports betting.  On the pitch, World-Class clubs outscore teams from lower leagues by ridiculous margins. At the same time, clubs that thrive through defensive prowess marvel football fans with their ability to prevent goals from fierce strikers.

Amidst the drama and thrills of Champions League football lies plenty of opportunities to bet and win money. Of course, everyone wants to win plenty of it. But before you wager on a game promising double your stake, learn 10 essential Champions League betting tips below.

Plenty of Goals Scored

In the 2019/20 season, teams scored 2.93 goals on average throughout the tournament. It was one of the highest scored Champions League seasons. For bettors that love OVER and UNDER bets, last season provided numerous games to profit from totals bets.

All signs show this Champions League campaign will be like last year’s. You can expect goals galore during the qualifying rounds and throughout the group stages. Obviously, some matches may disappoint and end in 0-0 ties. But prepare to research and find OVER and UNDER bets with high-value odds.

To be specific, look beyond teams everyone expects to blow out their opponents. For instance, Man City, Liverpool and Barcelona will carry low odds when facing opponents from Eastern Europe. But when two teams that play defensive sides square off, their odds of OVER or UNDER bets can be exceedingly attractive.

Dominant Teams Win Consistently

Underdog stories do happen in the Champions League. But as expressed by the type of clubs that win the tournament each year, it’s the mightiest of clubs that you should bet on frequently. In the group stages, particularly, teams with the best squads win nearly all the time.

The top four contenders from the Premier League, and La Liga, for instance, make it past the group stages. That means you can bet on them to win home and away when they meet lower-ranked clubs.

In the knockout stages, though, surprising victories are relatively common. That’s because teams that qualify for the round of 16 have the squad depth and aptitude to win competitive games. When they face off with an out of form team, they will often knock it out.

Bookies Offer Incredible Odds

Experienced bettors love the Champions League for one reason: it offers incredible betting odds. From money line wagers to goal-goal bets, totals to props; each football night has a game with high-value odds.

Obviously, bookies don’t offer competitive odds by mistake. While teams score plenty of goals, the games can still be challenging to predict. Some clubs will feature in the competition for the first time. Others will b playing to fight for a second, third or fourteenth Champions League trophy in the case of Real Madrid.

As you find profitable betting markets, therefore, also use Champions League Odds Comparison 2020 to help you find the best odds. You could magnify your profit margins significantly by switching to a site that provides higher odds for each game.

Correct Scores are Difficult to Predict

If you love betting on correct scores, you might want to think twice before betting in Champions League games. Although it’s not impossible to wager a game’s correct score and win, it’s a lot challenging in Europe’s top-level league.

Statistically, nearly 20% of group stage games end in 2-0 score lines while close to half of the games end in 0-0 ties. If you can identify teams likely to end in goalless draws or 2-0 score lines, you might give correct score predictions an attempt.

But with so many betting markets with predictable patterns, there are a lot better ways to win money betting in the Champions League. OVER 2.5 and UNDER 2.5 wagers, for instance, carry attractive odds every season. You can also bet on outright winners now that world-class teams show no mercy to smaller clubs.

Late Goals are Pretty Common

More than in any other football tournaments, late goals appear frequently in the Champions League. Last season, one in four goals was scored after the 75th minute. That’s an incredible ratio, but you need to do diligent research to figure out which kinds of teams score late goals.

Some teams play defensively for the first 75th minute but slack up in the closing minutes of the game. Mostly, these are teams already qualified in a group stage but have one or two goals to play.

By contrast, teams fighting for nothing could also defend to minimize goals conceded but let in one or two goals in the final minutes. On the other hand, some teams score late as the fruits of fighting steadily throughout the game.

Away Winners Knockout Opponents 65% of the time

In the knockout stages, teams that win the first leg away tend to knock out their opponents. It happens six out of ten times, so this is an essential betting tip to keep in mind. In many cases, however, this stat remains true when a stronger side wins the first away game.

For example, Man City beat Schalke 3-2 way last season. It was the favourite to qualify for the semis and subsequently knocked out the German side. Barcelona were arguably better than united before their quarter-final match-up, and they did defeat Man United 1-0 away during the quarter-finals.

PSG and Ajax, regrettably, got knocked out in the round of 16 and semi-finals respectively despite winning their first leg games away. With the French club, they were welcoming a Man United team motivated to avenge their loss. Ajax, on the other hand, were facing a team relatively better than them.

Before you bet, therefore; examine the ability of a team that lost at home to win away and knock out its opponent.

To Conclude

Football punters love the Champions League, and not just because of its gorgeous football. It provides numerous betting opportunities. Bookies offer high odds for markets, and the tournament doesn’t end until later in May.