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Can England Really Win the 2022 World Cup?

The recollections of England’s EURO 2020 defeat are still fresh in England fans’ minds, but for Gareth Southgate and the England team, the focus is already on winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. This competition will take place next November and December, and the qualifying rounds are already underway.

England lost to Italy in the final of EURO 2020, but with the amazingly talented young squad that Southgate has at his disposal, he is hoping they can go one better and win the World Cup. However, winning the World Cup is much more of a challenge than winning the EUROs, so do the England team really have what it takes. Here is what we think:

England Will Use the Pain of EURO 2020 to Win the World Cup

The final of the EUROs was going so well until Italy scored after halftime and the game went to penalties. At this point, fans could barely breathe, and neither could the players. Unfortunately, Italy beat England on penalties, leaving the English team heartbroken.

While this was devastating for the players and fans, the good news is that the England players may use this disappointment to their advantage in the World Cup. This team now has their hearts set on bringing the trophy home for their fans, so will do everything in their power to make it happen. In fact, they are already beginning to prepare for the tournament next year. Not only are they practising regularly with one another, but they have also started analyzing their performance at the EUROs.

As well as this, the team have been resting and relaxing by going on holiday, spending time with their family and friends, and doing things they enjoy such as playing online at spincasino.com. This is to ensure they are back to full fitness by the time the World Cup begins.

Why Will England Find It Difficult to Win the World Cup?

Many people believe that the EUROs are much harder to win than the World Cup, however, in our experience, the World Cup is much harder to win. This is because teams such as Brazil and Argentina will also take part in this competition. Another reason the England team may find the World Cup competition more difficult is that, unlike the EUROs, which were mainly played at Wembley, the World Cup is held in Qatar. This means that players will have to travel to the game and get used to the climate before their matches begin.

Who is Most Likely to Win the World Cup in 2022?

Currently, England is 3rd favourite to win the World Cup, only being beaten by Brazil and France. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that England is considered more likely than Germany and Italy to win the competition. While England fans should not get too excited by this – after all, we were one of the favourites to win the EUROs – it’s definitely good news for fans who want to see it come home.

The World Cup 2022 is still over a year away, but the England team is already starting to prepare. After their disappointing defeat in the EUROs, they want to do everything they can to come home with the trophy. And there is a good chance that they will do well in the competition. We are keeping everything crossed for them.