Champions League 2019/20: Lyon vs Juventus - tactical analysis tactics

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This season, Juventus has faced serious competition in the domestic arena. After two-thirds of the distance, the Old Signora not only failed to secure a gap from its rivals, but it was actually on a par with Inter and Lazio. This is clearly not what the fans were counting on, especially after the powerful transfer campaign that was held in the summer of 2019.

On the presented betting site, you can now make a prediction as to whether the team will be able to defend its title. In general, the situation, of course, is not critical. Just over the past few years, Juventus has clearly grew out of such competition in the domestic arena.

However, the matches against Lazio, Inter, and Napoli clearly demonstrated that the players of Sarri are stronger than their opponents. They just need to add a little stability and begin to give all their best in matches in the domestic arena. It seems that the Juventus players have simply lost the habit of having real rivals in Serie A.

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However, despite some local difficulties, it was Juventus that remains the favourite of the championship in Italy. So far, Inter, and even more so Lazio, lacks experience and human resources to be considered full-fledged grandees. However, if you think differently, then football bets online – https://1xbetbd.com — provides a great opportunity to earn on your predictions.

Juventus has many advantages in the context of the struggle for the title. Among the main ones are:

  1. Since 2012, the team has steadily become the champion of Italy and have never once missed the title. This should help it properly distribute its powers over a long and busy distance.
  2. Level of selection of performers. Take the same Ronaldo. At 35, the Portuguese continues to “pull” Juve to the next champion title. However, the unconvincing performance of his partners doesn’t yet allow the team to confidently break away from competitors.
  3. Longer bench.

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