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EFL Championship 2019/20: Preston North End vs Huddersfield Town - Tactical Analysis tactics

How to Bet on Football and Win

Because of the difficulties involved in engaging in a successful football betting exercise, many people have started thinking that it is not possible to be a regular winner there. It is a pastime that costs a lot of money, and while some huge wins are witnessed from time to time, majority of the punters lose huge amounts of money each match day. For some, the last selection on their accumulator bets regularly ruins everything for them, while others encounter obvious underdogs upstaging the favourites. However, to witness some prolonged success here, football punters must follow these steps.

Always Research

Before you ever delve into football betting, you need to conduct thorough research. Never engage in this with your intuition or emotion. the right thing to do is to study everything about the head to head, team news, their form, the statistics, and everything that helps determine whether a team will come out victorious or not. The crux of the entire thing is to base your bet on the results of analysis of these points, because football matches are not straightforward. For instance, a team that is topping the table may have a game with a relegation-threatened team today, while they will be playing the team directly behind them in the log with just 1 point in the next 4 days. The probability is that they may want to rest some key players, to ensure maximum performance against their direct rivals, and if the relegation-threatened team knows their onions, they may latch on the opportunity. This is even clearer when it involves many competitions in one league. For instance, in the English Premier League, a team that has made the league their priority may rest players during the cups and no matter how good they’ve been on league games with their best players, small teams can upset them in the cup competitions because they rested players.

Analyze Everything

There are things we know you shouldn’t base your bets on. They include your heart, your impulse, your emotions and the given betting odds. You will be ruined if you decide based on these.

  • You bet on impulse by looking at the available matches without checking if they are good markets or not, and this brings low to no win percentages. • You bet with your heart when you choose the team you support or one you have some affiliation with or admiration for to win. There may be times when your luck comes to shine when you do this. But you will almost always lose with this type of betting. • You bet with emotions when you chase losses, and that is the number one thing to avoid in any betting exercise. Do not wager on games because you lost the other games you played and now wants to recover the losses. This will cause you even more loss. Every game must be wagered on based on its singular merit, and not on anything else.

Every Profit Counts

Now, the sports betting arena is not a place to search for jackpots. You have to understand the concept of profits. If you are betting and winning French League 1 matches with odds of 1.2 every day and winning them, would you compare yourself to someone that has been chasing the 3 odds game for the past one month. Now, even if the person gets it once in a month, cumulatively, you’ve gained much more than them. So, the advice is for you to take every winning, no matter how small, as equally very important. The same thing is applicable when you play casino jackpot city at 1-CasinosEnLigne.com. Always start up with the small odds that you are sure of, than the big odds you have doubts about, and take the little winnings that come. They accumulate and place you on a roll of profits.

Record All Your Bets

This is another one that is so important that you shouldn’t forget it. Now, when you have a record of what you’ve been winning and what you’ve been losing in any gambling platform, it will help you understand the amount of money you’ve given up and what you’ve gained. When you sit down and look at this during your quiet moment, it may help you understand the next direction to follow. To make the record comprehensive, you have to include what you staked, the types of bet you made and the markets chosen, the expected return, and the amount made or lost. Also map out the teams that caused the losses, the events you experienced more losses in and other essentials. Read this at the end of the week or month and see the overall success rate. With the result, you should change your betting pattern; especially the types of bets and markets you go for and the amounts you wager, and see if there will be a difference.

Be Conscious of the Fact That You Will Lose

Before you start out, just know that you can’t win all the time, because if you do, there would be no football bet. What you only do is predict, and they can come to pass or fail. So, understand that it is a game of luck and you can be unlucky.