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How to do Asian Handicap Betting in Canada

The Asian handicap betting was first introduced in Asia. This type of betting is commonly used in football or soccer sports, and it is quite a new and exciting betting idea, especially in Canada. Asian handicap betting generally works on the guideline that one of the teams is granted a head start before the match, to lower the advantage of the preferred team.

Understanding how Asian handicap betting works is easy, and if you take the time to learn how it works, your winning potential will significantly increase. Besides, this type of betting adds a touch of thrill to a rather unexciting match. The article below will give comprehensive information on Asian handicap betting so that you understand how to go about it in Canada.

Which Sites Offer Asian Handicap Betting in Canada?

There are several reputable online betting sites in Canada that offer Asian handicap betting. Besides, they provide guidelines and tips that every player needs to understand before they begin betting. Wetten.com offers comprehensive information on Asian handicap betting and also provides both before kick-off and live Asian handicap bets.

Besides, this bookmaker, also offers Asian handicap for several sports, including football, ice hockey, tennis, basketball, American football, and baseball, among others. Creating an account here is fast and straightforward. If you are looking for a reputable Asian handicap betting site, then Wetten.com is a good start.

The Concept behind Asian Handicap and How It Works

Asian handicap is mostly used in football or soccer because an outcome of a tie or a draw is very regular with football. In a fixed odds betting market, a draw is among the three expected results. If a punter places a bet on a particular team to win and it ends up in a tie they lose. The Asian handicap betting reduces the chances of a draw giving each team an equal opportunity to win.

As said above, Asian handicap betting brings about a balanced betting atmosphere between two teams who are perceived by bettors as mismatched. The team that appears stronger is given a goal deficit while the underdog is granted a head start. The outcome is an equal chance for either side to win.

A handicap can either be positive or negative. A positive handicap means a team has been granted a head start, while a negative handicap means a team has a deficit of goals. For instance, when Belgium plays Canada, Belgium is the favoured squad. In a fixed betting situation, you may find that German has odds in the 1.07 range. If you bet using $50, it would be a mere $3.5 profit. The returns are not worth it.

On the other hand, if you decide to use Asian Handicap betting where let’s say German has a deficit of -1.5 with odds of 1.95. Germany would need to score two goals for you to get a profit of $95 if you wagered at $100. Asian handicap eliminates the chances of a draw as well as boosting the returns.

Different Types of Asian Handicap

Both new and experienced punters can use Asian handicap betting as it varies in complexity. There are three types of Asian handicap bets, namely whole goal, half goal, and quarter goal handicaps. Below is a detailed explanation of each type with an example to help you understand clearly.

Whole Goal Handicaps

As in the norm of all Asian handicaps, a whole goal handicap gives one of the teams a head start while the other one is given a deficit. The handicaps are always whole numbers like 1, 2, and 3, and so on. Below is what you expect to see under the whole goal handicaps section when you visit your bookmaker’s site.

  • Liverpool -1
  • Norwich +1

The subsequent odds for each bet are listed beside each team, for example:

  • Liverpool -1 1.53
  • Norwich +1 2.55


As seen above, Liverpool has a deficit of one goal, while Norwich has an advantage of one goal. If you choose to bet on Liverpool, they must win by two or more goals while betting with Norwich means they need to win the game. If Liverpool wins by one goal, then a draw occurs, and all bets are refunded.

Half Goal Handicaps

They are also known as Asian handicap 0.5. Whole goal handicaps still leave a chance for a draw. The 0.5 handicap bet eliminates a possibility for a draw as there is no half goal in football. A half goal handicap can be shown as below.
Liverpool -1.5
Norwich +1.5
Betting on Liverpool means that they must win by two or more goals. All other outcomes will lead to the loss of your bet.

Quarter-Goal Asian Handicap

Most sportsbooks also have quarter-goal Asian handicaps, and they are 0.25, 0.75, 1.25, and 1.75, and so on. In the quarter-goal handicap bets, the wager is spilt unlike in the whole or half handicap bets. For instance, a wager of $100 with a handicap of 1.75 is similar to betting $50 at 1.5 and $50 at 2. A quarter goal Asian handicaps bet allow for a win and draw or a loss and a draw, and by that, you win half or lose half of our wager. It is essential to come up with a table that outlines your wins or loses for a given combination of results.

What Does Alternative Asian Handicap Mean?

When you visit some online betting sites, you may find them offering an Asian handicap beside an alternative Asian handicap. What is the difference? Well, most bookmakers offer a main Asian handicap that is mostly made up of 0.5 goals. If you visit a bookmaker, you will mostly see the following.

  • Liverpool -0.5
  • Everton +0.5


An alternative Asian handicap is any other Asian handicap that does not match in value to the bookmaker’s 0.5 handicaps. For instance,

  • Liverpool -1
  • Everton +1
  • Liverpool -1.5
  • Everton +1.5


This also includes the quarter-goal handicaps.

Can Asian Handicap Be Used for Other Sports?

Yes, although widely applied to soccer, Asian handicap betting can be used for several other sports. It is best applied in sports where a better opponent occasionally comes up against an inferior one in a match. It can be applied in games like tennis, cricket, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, and American football. Asian handicap betting is quickly catching up with spread betting in the Canadian gaming market.

Is the Cash out Feature Available for Asian Handicap Bets?

Most punters are always on the lookout for the cash-out feature because it gives them control over their bets. The possibility of settling a bet in time means that you can maximise your earnings and reduce losses. Most betting sites only have specific bets qualifying for the cash-out feature. Asian handicap is in the list of qualifying cash out bets in most betting sites. Unlike other fixed bets, Asian handicap bets winnings fluctuate widely, therefore, it is crucial to think critically about when to use the cash-out feature.


Asian handicap betting is a great way to add a touch of thrill and excitement into a game that would have been predictable and dominated by the superior opponent. Besides, the Asian handicap reduces the number of outcomes thus, betting is a bit simplified.

Good profit margins always motivate punters, and using Asian handicap betting is one of the best ways to make money online. Fixed odds betting can sometimes prove challenging when it comes to making good profit margins, especially where you are betting against a superior team. The Asian handicap betting has substantially balanced the playing ground giving bettors a more significant level of flexibility.