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‘Always fantastic’- Juventus should consider signing Tottenham star

Harry Kane has never exactly been this far away from Tottenham. The Athletic reported recently that he is unsure about his future at Spurs and could consider a move from the North London-based side. While this would alert many powerhouse clubs in Europe, Juventus should be paying the most amount of attention even though others might be just as interested.

Juventus’ stance on Kane does seem public. Reports are saying that the bianconeri do have an interest in signing the England captain, with Spurs now out of the UEFA Champions League at the hands of RB Leipzig. While Kane wasn’t available through injury, it does dent Kane’s hopes of playing in elite-level competition next season. And if he moves, you want to pick him on DraftKings – using the DraftKings promo code 2020 you can pick up a bargain draft.

The way Spurs are going under Jose Mourinho, it seems very unlikely that they make the top-four. There is a need for a rebuild and even after it, there is no guarantee that they challenge for silverware after that. A player of Kane’s stature is well capable of winning trophies and leaving Spurs can give him that chance.

There is concrete proof to how Kane’s abilities are not being used well by Spurs. This season and last season, Kane’s shots per 90 reduced. It was at 3.77 per 90 last season and is at 2.87 this season. That is quite a fall from 5.32 in the 2017-18 season. His output numbers haven’t gone down as Kane scored 17 times in 28 games last season. This season, he got 11 in 20 games before injury.

A potent finisher like him not being allowed to shoot as much shows that things aren’t quite right behind him. Spurs haven’t quite been the same since Mousa Dembele left, forcing Kane to often play deeper. Dembele added the spine to the Spurs side that no one has since then. He added that creativity and precision for the attacking players too.

The lack of a midfield structure is very evident under Jose, as they get overrun too easily. The former Chelsea boss used Kane almost as a false nine when he was fit to nullify the advanced midfield gaps. Mourinho sees Kane as a world-beater because of his complete abilities.

He recently said: “When I was not Harry’s coach I was always saying that he’s the kind of striker who is always fantastic even when he’s not scoring.

“There are so many top scorers in the world who score so many goals but the day they don’t score their performance is always poor because they give nothing.

“This is the guy who if he doesn’t score his performance is good. He presses, he recovers balls, he holds the ball, he assists, he drops back.

Kane’s always been overperforming on his XG-proof that he’s one of the best in the world. Despite not being as close to goal as he used to be, he scores a lot of goals. That is why he could be key for Juventus.

Maurizio Sarri’s men were keen on letting multiple players go in the summer of 2019. Gonzalo Higuain was one of them, as his loan stint at Stamford Bridge had ended. The club didn’t end up selling players, leaving them with no money to sign Mauro Icardi before he went to Paris Saint-Germain on loan.

Sarri’s systems have relied on strikers who aren’t exactly target-men. The case of how he transformed Dries Mertens and made Higuain a complete striker shows that he loves players who can get involved in the play. Higuain hasn’t done a bad job this season, scoring crucial goals away to Inter and Atalanta. But Kane is almost like a younger version of him.

The manner in which Kane has moulded as a player over the last two seasons makes him a perfect fit. This season, he has completed 1.16 dribbles per 90 minutes, coming up with one key pass per game. His ability to drop deep is often like Karim Benzema, as he allows the wide players to come inside and uses his passing to set them through.

While that is very reminiscent of Mertens, Benzema’s mention would alarm Cristiano Ronaldo. The Frenchman was immense in helping Ronaldo score as many as he scored. Benzema’s unselfish approach helped not just Ronaldo, but the whole Real Madrid team. Kane can be the sort of player who helps Ronaldo do it again.

Luckily enough, Sarri has modified his usual 4-3-3 to a 4-3-1-2 this season. It has Ronaldo get involved in play less and be the furthest man forward. Either Higuain or Paulo Dybala play beside him, constantly moving up and down to allow Ronaldo more space and openings.

It, of course, does take time for any player to get used to Sarri’s style. But Kane knows the art of high-pressing, thanks to Mauricio Pochettino. The manner in which he’s grown as a player makes him a suited player for that role.

Considering Juve were keen on moving on Higuain, they could do so in the summer if Kane becomes available. Fabrizio Romano has reported that the bianconeri are looking for a Ronaldo-like signing this season. The sale of Emre Can has given them money. If the sales of others go ahead in the summer like it was to in 2019, there is every chance Juve can pay for Kane.