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TFA 23 for 23

MEMBERS FREE DOWNLOAD: The TFA 23 for 23 – 23 players and coaches to watch in 2023

Welcome to 2023 team and a Happy New Year to every single one of you – let’s make it a great one, OK?

To celebrate new beginnings we, as ever, have the special first magazine of the year – where we shout out players and coaches you absolutely must keep an eye on for the next 12 months.

TFA 23 for 23 contents

As soon as the FIFA World Cup 2022 finished, we flipped our attention to this magazine – furiously putting together comprehensive reports on 23 players and coaches from both the men’s and women’s game that we feel could have a glorious 2023.

Of course, as Adam reported back on our TFA 22 for 22 selection – we don’t always get it 100% right but it’s always interesting.

TFA 23 for 23 data viz

This digital magazine is, as ever, 100% free to our all-access members – you can download it here – and if you want to jump on the TFA 23 for 23 bandwagon and become a full, all-access TFA member you can go here to subscribe for just €5.99 a month or €59.99 a year (meaning you get two months free).

TFA 23 for 23 example

Those of you familiar with our magazines will know how packed with analytical content they are (as you can see above), and we are confident you will love this one.

Personally, I recommend you download the PDF version and enjoy the full experience – the design, once again, by Jamie Brackpool. You can easily upload the magazine to your Kindle or get it on full screen on your laptop, it looks great.

So, if you want to know who the exciting 23 players and coaches are that we have named simply download the magazine NOW!