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EPL Analytics GW5: Match pack & team and player benchmarking

Good afternoon/morning/evening wherever in the world you are getting your analytics fix from today.

We are so pleased to be presenting you with this today – at Total Football Analysis we do try and consistently evolve and improve for our members and our consultancy clients and I am sure you will agree once you see what we have for you today, we’ve done it again.

Initially, it was one FREE EPL report a week – over the international break we spent time working even deeper into the data and the end result is three free reports which will come your way each week.

The first report is the match analytics – where we provide you with lots of visuals around everything that happened in each Premier League match in the last gameweek.

The second report is our team benchmarking – this is massively improved from what you saw in the last reports we sent, we have added so much more information for you.

Third and not least, today we introduce our player benchmarking as well – but be aware, thanks to a few debuts at the weekend, some of the per 90s are a little inflated right now. They will settle down over the next few weeks.

Warning – there is a LOT of information on each match!

It’s completely free – no catch, you don’t need a subscription to the site to get access!

People have been asking whether we only have these for the Premier League – free of charge, yes it is just the EPL. However, for potential club clients, we can provide these reports for pretty much any league you might be interested in and we can make them incredibly bespoke so you are getting the key information and context you need. Contact Chris to arrange a call if interested.

Enjoy the packs for this week!