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Matchmetrics: Sandro Tonali

Tonali is one of the hottest players right now in Italy because of his great performances in Brescia this season. The young midfielder made three appearances for the national team during the course of this season. This visualization of Tonali by Matchmetrics will show us how good he is compared to the other defensive and central midfielders in Serie A.

Matchmetrics evaluates players with two charts and small bar charts for each metric. They give ratings from 0 to 10 based on their advanced algorithms that calculate a player rating for each match they played. We can see Tonali is quite average compared to the other midfielders, but has a good rating on deliveries when on the ball. The defensive chart shows that he is a good tackler and he is good at intercepting the balls. ‘’Off’’ means that the player is good at tackling/intercepting/aerials on the opponents half. This makes it easier to evaluate their performance in pressing or their attacking aerial duels, which is different from defending aerial duels. Tonali is not good in aerial duels based on Matchmetrics’ rating, especially when defending.


Tonali still has a lot of potential to grow to catch the likes like Allan on the defensive side or Barella on the offensive side. They are some of the best in those departments based on Matchmetrics ratings’. It will be interesting to see how Tonali develops next season and if he will stay with Brescia.