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April: Editor’s notes

Dear members of our community,

Welcome to our April magazine in a year that will long be remembered and not for the finest reasons.

This month’s notes feel rather strange to write.

If you were to look at this magazine in three years time, you’d not be able to tell the situation the world was in when we put it together – in terms of the analysis, on the face of it is is ‘business as usual’, though of course, it is far from ‘business as usual’.

One thing that has amazed me about our analysis and coaching community is the sheer thirst for more knowledge in this period. The people we connect with on a daily basis give the impression of using this time to further their development, understanding, curiosity and more. Or, and this is equally important, using the plethora of work as a distraction from everything else.

We’ve gone big for you again this month – we have more analysts than ever before and as a result one of our largest magazines to date.

30 articles, 228 pages of it. Wonderful design work but, as importantly, in-depth analysis, coaching, scouting and theory.

It feels glib to oversell it – thank you for continuing to back us at this time. Without you all, we wouldn’t survive and in return, I hope we are giving you back what you came to us for.

Enjoy the magazine – and I’d urge you all to download the PDF if you are reading this via the site.


Chris // Total Football Analysis