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Serie A 2021/22: Paulo Dybala’s final season at Juventus

With over 200 appearances across seven seasons, Paulo Dybala’s time at Juventus has finally come to an end with the Argentine’s contract expiring at the end of 2021/2022 season. He has produced a number of match-winning performances, carrying Juventus through difficult times and helping the Italian club win trophies with ease. In his final season at Juventus, he is once again likely to finish as the club’s top scorer.

The following visualisation shows the numbers from Paulo Dybala’s final season at Juventus, comparing him with the other forwards from Europe’s top five leagues.

Paulo Dybala has always been a versatile forward all these years, sometimes playing as a pure number nine and sometimes as an attacking midfielder. He is one of the most well rounded forwards a team could ask for. With 10 goals and five assists to his name at the time of writing, Dybala ranks above average for some of the key attacking metrics this season. His ability to create chances for his team puts him top tier for xA per 90 mins. Dybala also has taken a large volume of shots this season that puts him in the 100th percentile for shots per 90 minutes. However, not many of those shots have hit the target or have ended at the back of the net. Being a chief creator and scorer for his team, it is not surprising to see him rank in the 99th percentile for received passes per 90 minutes. Simply put, Dybala inspite of not playing regularly this season, owing to a number of injuries he suffered, will finish as one of the best players for Juventus this season.

Dybala’s time at Juventus will be remembered for a number of things, his beautiful long range goals, his smart finishes, his 22-goal 2017/18 season, and much more. The list goes on. Not many players created an impact at Juventus like Dybala did and it will be interesting to see which club he chooses as his next one.