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Chris Darwen

Chris founded totalfootballanalysis.com in April 2018 having spent many years cutting his teeth in the world of Football Manager and various other websites.

Ever since playing in goal as a child and rarely touching the ball because his team was half-decent, Chris has had a keen interest in the tactical side of the game. Having moved on to pitch and realised he had zero pace, reading the game to a decent level helped him get away with it for a few years.

Based in Alicante, Spain.

Lee Scott
Lead Analyst

Lead analyst at Total Football Analysis with extensive previous experience as a scout and opposition analyst for professional clubs.

Author of Mastering the Premier League: the tactical concepts behind Pep Guardiola's Manchester City and King Klopp: Rebuilding the Liverpool dynasty.

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Guy Branston
Football Consultant

Guy joins us with the task of introducing the consultancy side of our business to professional clubs, agents and players.

With a 20-year playing career before moving into a decade of scouting and recruitment at the top level, Guy is the perfect addition to our team to help us present our unique solution to decision-makers in the pro game.

Whilst the last couple of months have presented various challenges for people globally, the progress and advancement of what we are delivering at Total Football Analysis is exciting and adding in a senior member of the team with Guy’s experience, contacts and ideas will only help us continue our journey at pace.

Based in Leicester, England.

Chris Mumford
Senior Advisor

Chris joins us with the tasks of accelerating growth by co-developing thought leadership content and facilitating distribution in Asia and North America. He will also host and produce the TFA EPL Podcast.

During the last 22 years, Chris founded several businesses in the US and Asia. He served in roles as CEO, CFO, COO, VP Sales and VP Design while raising over $30 million from VC and Private Equity. Chris was an investment banker for 5 years. He is currently writing a book on Sports Entrepreneurship for Columbia Business School Press. His research includes sports analytics and artificial intelligence as well as fan experience enhancement. He is a co-founder of the Accelerator School, a soccer-focused middle and high school located in Cary, North Carolina and Malaga, Spain.

Based in North Carolina, US.

David Seymour
Senior Analyst

Full-time football coach with the Claremont Football Academy, and Senior Analyst for Total Football Analysis.

Based in London, England.

Toni Bilandžić
Lead Data Analyst

Heading up our data analysis and visualisation department - as well as responsible for our education programme.

Bachelor of Economics on his way to a Master degree who is in a happy relationship with football for more than 20 years.

Working a lot on metrics and data interpretation.

Things I do when I’m not working for TFA: play for my team in the lower league, hang out with my friends, making some delicious food, watching NBA and of course watching a LOT of football.

Based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Zoltan Toth
Senior Data Analyst

Medical student with an unhealthy passion for numbers in football.

Always trying to help people and improve myself.

I hope to see Hungary at a World Cup once in my life.

Based in Budapest, Hungary.

Jamie Brackpool
Head of Design

The guy who designs the magazine and does the funky graphics.

Football coach with RED Academy of Soccer based out of Ontario, Canada.

I love everything football and have a specific passion for goalkeeping.

Based in Toronto, Canada.

Max Bergmann
Head of Video Analysis

Responsible for all the video analysis.

Football enthusiast who is studying sports science and is experienced in coaching youth teams (UEFA B-Level).

Currently analyst at the youth academy of the German club Hallescher FC.

Based in Halle, Germany.

Cameron Meighan
Senior Analyst

Tactical analyst and prospective UEFA B coach, currently studying a football coaching degree and interning in analysis at Preston North End.

Obsessed with tactics and have a special interest in set-pieces.

Based in Manchester, England.

João Ruivo
Head of Player Projects

Working with our professional player clients helping them develop their tactical understanding through education.

Analyst and aspiring coach from Portugal who loves the tactical, statistical, and any other side of football.

Personal performance analyst in the making, teaching players to understand the game.

Law student at the Faculty of Law of Coimbra graduating 2020.

Aspiring musician in my free time.

Based in Coimbra, Portugal.

Abdullah Abdullah
Senior Analyst

Pakistani operations specialist and marketing graduate turned analyst.

I fell in love with the analysis side of football when introduced to Football Manager 2010 and the rest is history.

I am currently a Senior analyst for Total Football Analysis' women's football team looking to grow analysis in this space.

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Domagoj Kostanjšak
Senior Analyst

Primary school teacher turned tactical analyst and a Croatian currently making a living in the UK.

Love all things football and I'm a big fan of LaLiga and Barcelona as well.

Based in Dalgety Bay, Scotland.

Felix Pichler
Senior Analyst

Fan of the tactical aspect of football who studies Science of Communication at the University of Salzburg.

The most important rule in life and football is that you can never know and understand everything.

Due to that we should never stop questioning and learning.

Based in Salzburg, Austria.

Lorihanna Shushkova
Senior Analyst

Tactics maniac with years of experience in sports journalism and the betting industry.

Interested in all aspects of the beautiful game and has a huge appreciation of intelligent deep-lying playmakers.

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Mario Husillos Jr.

International football scout and analyst with experience in England, Spain and Greece.

Born in Argentina.

Based in Malaga, Spain.

Scott Martin

Philosophy M.A. student turned football professional.

Analyst for Total Football Analysis and Elite Program coach at Charlotte Soccer Academy.

Based in Charlotte, USA.

Pakhei Mak

Studying Global Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Looking forward to starting the coaching courses and begin my career in Europe.

Based in Hong Kong.

Gavin Robertson

Analyst with a huge passion for football.

My primary focus in the analysis field is on the women's game and continuing to help grow its reach as it continues to develop in the coming years.

Based in North Carolina, USA.

Daniel Lusted

Football fan turned football data analyst.

Have a weird obsession with trying to solve everything using numbers.

Unreliable right-back.

Based in London, UK.

Niklas Hemmer-Hiltenkamp

I am a motivated management student with strong passion for football, strategy, and innovations.

Currently, I am pursuing my Master’s degree in International Management at Maastricht University while keeping on working for Total Analysis.

My areas of expertise include recruitment analysis, tactical analysis, and football strategy.

In the past, I’ve worked for the German Football League and part-time for calovo, a German marketing company specialized in the football industry.

Apart from my passion for football, I have a wide range of personal interests including travel, sports (playing and watching), cooking, and reading.

Based in Germany.


On totalfootballanalysis.com you will find everything you want from a football analysis site – namely match analysis, player analysis, manager/head coach analysis, recruitment analysis and set-piece analysis.

What more could you want? A monthly football analysis magazine? Yes, we do that too.

Total Football Analysis exists to provide you, the reader, with a little more context and understanding of the game that dominates all our lives. Football analysis is the way the world is going and we are at the front of the queue.

We hope that we can help you understand the game in more detail and improve the quality of conversation you can have with your football loving friends.

If you want to contact us or advertise with us – get in touch!

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