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On totalfootballanalysis.com you will find everything you want from a football analysis site – namely match analysis, player analysis, manager/head coach analysis, recruitment analysis and set-piece analysis.

What more could you want? A monthly football analysis magazine? Yes, we do that too.

Total Football Analysis exists to provide you, the reader, with a little more context and understanding of the game that dominates all our lives. Football analysis is the way the world is going and we are at the front of the queue.

We hope that we can help you understand the game in more detail and improve the quality of conversation you can have with your football loving friends.

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totalfootballanalysis.com team

Chris Darwen, Editorial Team

Founder and Editor-In-Chief of the Ronnie Dog Media Group, and therefore TFA. You can get in touch with him at chris@ronniedogmedia.com.

Andrew Flint

Andrew Flint, Head of Content

Head of Content for Ronnie Dog Media and therefore, TFA. Get in touch with Andrew at andrew@ronniedogmedia.com

Lee Scott

Lee Scott, Lead Analyst

Site Lead for Total Football Analysis, writer and professional scout. Get in touch at Lee@ronniedogmedia.com

Abdullah Abdullah, Tactical Analyst 

A twenty-six-year-old sports writer in between jobs. Site lead and writer for Red Bull Analysis. A Chelsea supporter who has a secret love affair with Inter Milan and Olympique Lyon. My go to teams on every Football Manager game since 2012. Abdullah is at abdullah@ronniedogmedia.com

Alex Dieker, Tactical Analyst

Alex Dieker is an American college student, who was transformed into a football fanatic when John Brooks scored a header against Ghana. He loves the tactical side of the game as well as the countless stories that come with a sport so popular worldwide. Alex is reachable at alex@ronniedogmedia.com

Anurag Agate

Anurag Agate, Tactical Analyst

Budding tactical analyst and lover of all football. Anurag can be reached out at anurag@ronniedogmedia.com

Art de Roche, Tactical Analyst

Writer for Ronnie Dog Media. Trying to improve my analytical writing, all feedback is appreciated.

Carlon Carpenter

Carlon Carpenter, Tactical Analyst 

University of Virginia Men’s Soccer performance analyst. Bits and pieces for Total Football Analysis. Arsenal supporter. Unapologetic peanut butter addict.

Chris Summersell

Chris Summersell, Tactical Analyst 

I’m Chris, a football coach and coach educator from London. Follow me on Twitter.

Daniel Garai

Daniel Garai, Tactical Analyst 

An aspiring analyst from Hungary, regular TFA contributor, follow me on Twitter.

David Selini

David Selini, Tactical Analyst 

24-year-old coach and analyst with a professional club. Former footballer. Holds UEFA B-licence (so far). Enjoys Italian football most and love back threes, deep-lying playmakers and number 10s.

Domagoj Kostanjsak

Domagoj Kostanjsak, Tactical Analyst 

Tactical analyst and FC Barcelona fan, lover of the tactical side of the game. Follow me on Twitter.

Edd Norval

Edd Norval, Tactical Analyst

A Scottish football writer focussing on the European game. Follow me on Twitter.

Eion Smith

Eion Smith, Editorial Team

Sub-Editor and Daily Content Manager for the Ronnie Dog Media Group, and therefore TFA, follow me on Twitter.

Farkhanda Jabeen

Farkhanda Jabeen, Tactical Analyst

Tactical Analyst at Ronnie Dog Media covering Premier League, La Liga and International tournaments | Statistician and Data Science expert | You can also find me on feelchelsea.com.

Harshal Patel

Harshal Patel, Tactical Analyst 

Ronnie Dog Media writer doing tactical analysis for TFA. You can usually find me on reddevilsreport.com.

Hrishikesh Anand

Hrishikesh Anand, Tactical Analyst 

Football writer and analyst from India. Arsenal and Dortmund fan. Currently a law student with a keen interest in finance as well.

Jake Flock

Jake Flock, Tactical Analyst 

Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club.

Joel Shooter

Joel Shooter, Tactical Analyst 

Sports journalist focusing on football tactics, their usage in matches and how they have developed over time. Follow me on Twitter.

Joey Passi

Joey Passi, Tactical Analyst

Passion for this game started on the streets in Chile. Huge fan of skill development, high-end tactics, and the mental side of things… I coach College, work with developing the lost arts of creativity and foot-skill in youth, and consistently learn and write about tactics and development of the beautiful game on a bigger level…

Joseph Schurhammer

Joseph Schurhammer, Tactical Analyst 

A 38-year old living in Minnesota, but with a die-hard love for Manchester United. I love writing about the tactical and positional battles in football, with the changes and adjustments that are made as two teams fight for control. I also enjoy groundhopping, and am up to 26 countries.

Josh Power

Josh Power, Tactical Analyst

Justin Faust

Justin Faust, Tactical Analyst 

My name is Justin Faust and I am a high school coach in the US. I also currently have my own training business where I focus on developing players and teams through tournaments, training, and various camps. I also consider myself a student of the game. Feel free to follow me on @break_soccer on Twitter.

Karel Fraeye

Karel Fraeye, Tactical Analyst

Tactical analyst and football manager, huge lover of the beautiful game.

Kevin Elphick

Kevin Elphick, Tactical Analyst

Swansea City fan and keen tactical analyst, follow me on Twitter.

Lorihanna Shushkova

Lorihanna Shushkova, Tactical Analyst

My name is Lorihanna Shushkova – football performance analyst at RDM, sports journalist and betting fraud agent. Football lover in every fibre of my being.

Luca Donina

Luca Donina, Tactical Analyst

Italian tactical analyst and Premier League lover, follow me on Twitter.

Luke Glanville
Luke Glanville, Editorial Team
Full-time Staff Writer and Sub-Editor for the Ronnie Dog Media Group, and therefore TFA, follow me on Twitter.
Marc Lamberts
Marc Lamberts, Tactical Analyst
My name is Marc Lamberts. Freelance journalist and Arts & Culture student. Football fanatic. UEFA C. 26. Dutch.
Marc Penrose
Marc Penrose, Tactical Analyst
Tactical analyst and Arsenal fan, follow me on Twitter.
Matt Gordon
Matt Gordon, Tactical Analyst
American tactical analyst for Total Football Analysis, follow me on Twitter.
Max Bergmann
Max Bergmann, Tactical Analyst
Passionate player, coach and analyst of the best game in the world – football! Studying sports science and coaching youth teams (UEFA B-Level).
Muhammad Uways Nisar
Muhammad Uways Nisar, Tactical Analyst
Tactical analyst and Arsenal fan, football lover, follow me on Twitter.
Nick Dyer
Nick Dyer, Tactical Analyst
Tactical analyst for TFA and Chelsea fan, follow me on Twitter.
Nicolas Garcia-Huidobro
Nicolas Garcia-Huidobro, Tactical Analyst 
Tactical analyst and Manchester City fan, follow me on Twitter.
Patrick Mills
Patrick Mills, Tactical Analyst
Patrick is a 23-year-old coach, writer & psychology student from Ireland. Follow him on Twitter, where he posts regular analysis clips, as well as articles from his Tactical Theory blog.
Paul Smith
Paul Smith, Tactical Analyst 
My name is Paul Smith but I go by PSmith. I am a tactical analyst and coach from the USA, follow me on Twitter.
Peter Galindo
Peter Galindo, Tactical Analyst
Peter is a Canadian-based writer who loves all things analytics and data related to football. On top of his work at Total Football Analysis, Peter also contributes to Sportsnet and These Football Times. In addition, he’s a big fan of South American football and co-hosts The Peruvian Waltz podcast that covers everything on Peruvian football.
Peter Rancati
Peter Rancati, Tactical Analyst
Sub-Editor for the Ronnie Dog Media Group, and therefore TFA, follow me on Twitter.
Petrick Sinuraya
Petrick Sinuraya, Tactical Analyst 
Tactical analyst and lover of the tactical side of the game, from Indonesia, follow me on Twitter.
Roshan Rao
Roshan Rao, Tactical Analyst 
Football writer. Student of positional play. Currently managing Riga United Ladies, top division team in Latvia. Medical student based in Riga, Latvia. Truly believes the beautiful game is a microcosm of our complex human society.
Sam Leveridge
Sam Leveridge, Tactical Analyst
Tactical analyst based in Madrid, follow me on Twitter.
Serhat Bora
Serhat Bora, Tactical Analyst
Tactical analyst and general football lover, follow me on Twitter.
Sihle Sibande
Sihle Sibande, Tactical Analyst
Soccer coach, student and more Lillo than Guardiola. Follow me on Twitter.
Simon Doyle
Simon Doyle, Tactical Analyst 
Manchester United fan and keen tactical analyst, follow me on Twitter.
Stew Gurney
Stew Gurney, Tactical Analyst 
Manchester City fan and tactical/match/player analyst, be sure to follow me on Twitter @StewGurney or contact me at stewartwilliamgurney@gmail.com.
Tobias Hahn
Tobias Hahn, Tactical Analyst 
Football analysis nut, regularly feature on TFA, follow me on Twitter.
Tom Canton
Tom Canton, Tactical Analyst 
Young-aspiring football writer and broadcaster. Specialist in Spanish & European Football. Owner and host of the 8000+ subscriber Arsenal specific YouTube channel The Gooner Talk. Regular TalkSport & TalkSport2 contributor for European Football. Follow me on Twitter.
Tom Robinson
Tom Robinson, Tactical Analyst
Tom is a writer, broadcaster and talent scout who has been writing about South America’s dramatic football scene for several years. With a particular focus on Argentina and identifying the next South American stars, Tom has been featured in the likes of Sky Sports, IBWM and Outside of the Boot, as well as regularly appearing on podcasts for World Football Index and writing on TFA.
Will Frost
Will Frost, Tactical Analyst
Football scout & contributor to Total Football Analysis. Also an avid Spurs fan, check out my Twitter!
Will Sinsky
Will Sinsky, Tactical Analyst
American, world football lover and tactical analyst. Follow me on Twitter.
William Sutton
William Sutton, Tactical Analyst
Classroom teacher/ Youth Coach/ C License/ Tactical and Statistical Analytics/ Tactical theory. Follow me on Twitter.