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Does the level of standard co-commentary on the matches you watch frustrate you?

Do you want a little bit more than an ex-pro talking about ‘pashun’ and ‘how it wasn’t like that in their day’?

Would you like some actual analysis of what is happening on the field of play alongside the top class commentary?

Then you are going to love what Total Football Analysis are bringing you this weekend.

Total Football Analysis will be bringing you the following live match commentary this weekend!

How does it work?

We have teamed up with HotMic, a clever little app that will hijack your TV meaning that you will watch the match live on TV as you normally would – but, by syncing your TV with the Total Football Analysis HotMic channel, you’ll have our live commentary and analysis brought to you through your TV by Harry Symeou and our Lead Analyst, Lee Scott – automatically synced if you are viewing the match through BT Sports in the UK, manually synced for all other broadcasters.

What should I do now?

Watch the video below to see how it all looks and meet Harry Symeou, our commentator.

We explained it all in the video below but get your phone and download the app HotMic.

You are prompted immediately to enter a code – enter TFA2020.

If you do not do that, it will not work!








Then, find Total Football Analysis on HotMic and follow our channel so you know when we are going to be broadcasting.

We do hope you join us.