Total Football Analysis Magazine #6: March 2019

    Total Football Analysis Magazine #5: March 2019

    You’ve been going mad in March waiting for this month’s magazine and your wait is nearly over.

    Total Football Analysis Magazine #6 is out now.

    As ever, we promise you well over 100 pages of pure tactical analysis and coaching in this month’s edition.

    We received this recommendation just the other day.

    “Total Football Analysis Magazine gives great insight into the world of football analysis. It’s very impressive in the detail in their material and provides good insight into what you need to know when analyzing in a professional manner. It’s a top magazine looking into the depths of football analysis. I’m very impressed and keep up the good work. I will be following the magazine for sure”

    Colin Chambers
    Education Director at IPSO International Professional Scouting Organisation

    But, before you click “LET ME BUY IT NOW” what is in March’s magazine?


    📈 Eintracht Frankfurt: Is three their magic number?

    📈 Steel City Three: How Sheffield United’s 3-4-1-2 has led them to the brink of promotion

    📈 Norwich City: Analysis of Farke’s philosophy

    📈 Benfica’s 4-4-2: How Bruno Lage got it right first time

    📈 Marquinhos: His growing importance at PSG

    📈 The Modern Fullback: An analysis of Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold

    📈 Barcelona’s midfield: The transition

    📈 Brendan Rogers: What might Leicester look like tactically?

    📈 Walter Mazzarri: Building from the back

    📈 Pablo Machin’s flying wingbacks: Would it work in the EPL?

    📈 Koke: Simeone’s key player for the big games

    📈 Dominick Drexler: Köln’s jack of all trades

    📈 Guillermo Maripan: the next South American target?

    📈 VfL Wolfsburg: Analysis of their strong season


    ️⚽️ Coaching: How to coach pressing at youth level

    ️⚽️ Coaching: How to integrate xG into practical coaching delivery

    ⚽️ The penalty save: How do goalkeepers know where you are shooting?

    ⚽️ Coaching: Throw-ins like Liverpool

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  • Total football analysis

    Excellent magazine and very well written. Been searching for something like this for years. More than your average newspaper post match analysis

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  • Great value for money

    This sort of magazine is what I’ve been wanting to read for years. Its all about analysis and coaching. I’ve always been a bit obsessed with formations and shape in football. I find this magazine really helps me to understand the different tactics and coaching philosophy’s of world football. Not just the likes of Barca and Man City. The fact that Norwich, Benfica and a successful mid-table Italian team are being analysis really helps me understand what is possible depending on the type of players managers have at their disposal.

    This magazine is great. My only issue with this magazine is that I can’t have a hard copy also. I like to keep things like this in folders to help me when I’m preparing a coaching session. I don’t really want to have to go on-line to read and remind myself.

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  • four eyes see more than two

    To tell you the truth, I am not a professional analyst. I simply love football. Sometimes I read pieces of tactical analysis in my native tongue, in Russian, and now I’ve got the chance to read analysis of English-speaking experts and compare. It is always interesting to see the difference of approaches. Russian authors sometimes give too many details, but English-speaking experts have a different style of writing. Precise, logical, strict and to the point.

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