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#53 February 16th 2021

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Georges Mikautadze: France’s up-and-coming centre-forward

Jesper Lindstrom: The next big Scandanavian talent?

Southampton: What makes them the Premier League’s set-piece kings?

Steven Gerrard: How he has improved Rangers’ defensive efficiency

Manuel Marquez Roca: How he transformed Hyderabad FC

Set-Piece Analysis A comprehensive guide to zonal marking from corners tactical analysis tactics

Set-Piece Analysis: A comprehensive guide to zonal marking from corners

Papu Gomez: How far can Sevilla go with the Argentine?

Bristol City Women: How can they survive WSL relegation?

Yusuf Demir – One of Europe’s most sought-after youngsters

FC Barcelona: Are they a more structured team without Lionel Messi?

Reda Slim: The next Moroccan magician to keep an eye on

Noni Madueke: Another Englishman developing abroad

Chelsea Women: Who should be their starting centre-forward?

Mathias Normann: Ready for the big leagues?

The Regista: How to control a football match

Bayern Munich: How should they replace David Alaba?

African Nations Championship: Six young talents ready to surprise the world

Ligue 2020/21: Finding the most and least efficient shooters

Bundesliga 2020/21: Which loan players are playing regularly?

La Liga 2020/21: Finding the leaders in goal contributions

Premier League 2020/21: Liverpool’s centre-back pairings

Serie A 2020/21: Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s season so far