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Premier League 2019/20: Manchester City vs Arsenal - Tactical Analysis Tactics

100% of the jigsaw in one place – Data Science, Tactical & Technical Analysis, Scouting and Recruitment.

Total Football Analysis provides data science, tactical and technical analysis, tactical and technical scouting, and recruitment services to football clubs.

A lot of people say that, but what do they actually provide?

Some companies provide you a cool database – you still have to translate the numbers into something that makes sense for you.

Some companies send you a shortlist of players – but don’t tell you how they’ve come up with that list and would run a mile if you asked them to provide a full breakdown on each player on the list.


Some companies send you some good reports – but you have to check the numbers to see if they match.

Others will tell you this player is amazing for this club – but cannot provide a report that shows you how this player is amazing for this club.

And that is just on scouting for clubs and agents – what about opposition analysis for clubs in particular?

We can do that for you as well – we provide full dossiers on opponents and they can be made to your exact requirements.


We can provide you everything you need – and we offer flexible, bespoke packages that are cost-effective and remove a lot of the pain.

We give you all the pieces of the jigsaw and then help you put the jigsaw together.

Our turnaround times for the examples you have just read are next-day delivery.

We have over 140 analysts collaborating with us to provide the highest level of analysis, providing the perfect blend of data, statistics, video and eyeballs.

And we do it in a language you can understand at a price you can afford.

For more information:

Chris Darwen

Founder, Total Football Analysis

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Guy Branston

Lead Football Consultant, Total Football Analysis

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