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Welcome to the Affiliate Program of
Total Football Analysis

Do you want to make some extra money in a matter of a few clicks? Do you love sharing things you love with your audiences on different channels? Do you love football?

The Total Football Analysis Affiliate Program is the perfect opportunity for your business to generate extra revenue without any effort. Just generate your affiliate link from your personalised dashboard and share it with your viewers. Then sit back and relax as you keep earning a 50% recurring commission for every new subscriber you refer to Total Football Analysis.

Why Become an Affiliate with
Total Football Analysis?

⚽️ No Cost to Sign Up.


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  • ⚽️  Get a free annual subscription of Total Football Analysis for your business.

Program Overview

1. Sign up for our Affiliate Program

Apply to our affiliate program and get your personalised dashboard upon verification.         

2. Share your affiliate Link

Generate affiliate link through your dashboard and share with your audience.

3. Earn Commission from Total Football Analysis

For every new subscriber through your affiliate link you earn 50% of the sales commission.

The Total Football Analysis Affiliate Program helps football content creators like yourself to earn some extra revenue without any hassles. Whether you own a blog or a YouTube channel or any other social media platforms where you post football related content, you just need to follow three steps to start earning right away!

Simply sign up for the affiliate program and wait for confirmation to be accepted as an affiliate of Total Football Analysis. Once accepted you can login to your affiliate dashboard where you can generate your custom affiliate link and view information related to your sales, revenue generated, visitor information and a lot more! Each sale gets reflected on the dashboard and the commission you earn from that. Payments will be transferred at the end of each month.